Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Playing with them boys

My sister Tara came to visit this weekend from Utah. She brought her little boy Thomas. It was so fun to see Thomas and Max play together. They were so cute and all boy! rough and tough, with no tears. They had so much fun together! They look like they could be brothers.

Thomas was our good helper and would go get Max when he would run out of the yard, down the sidewalk. I love their twin walk above.

Boston was having a blast with the boys too

Max giving Thomas a little chest bump to keep him moving. ;) They tended to "help" each other go down the slide if one of them was being too slow. ;) no hard feelings though. Boys are tough.

Love those cute boys!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Mother Nature's Farm


Shaun and Max on top of the big dirt pile.

I had to laugh at this picture.
You have me taking pictures and Shaun taking video. This kid is LOVED.

The Maze

How about this one mom?

Later that night, we went to a Halloween party and Max got chased by his cousin Gehrig......

The stink beetle. These two are so cute together.