Friday, July 23, 2010

Hot as you know where

It's summer time here in Arizona and the living is NOT easy! It's so brutally hot. How hot? Try sticking your head in the oven while it's on. That's how it feels. It's miserable. In the summer time there's hell and then right below that there's AZ on my list of the worst places to be.
It's funny because this happens every year. I love AZ in the winter and I think it's the greatest. Then summer comes and I curse this place. It's a love/hate relationship.
I still go walking every morning at 7am. And it's still so ridiculously hot. I have to put Max in a swim suit. Then I pour water in his cup holders for him to splash in on his stroller. I bring cold water in a spray bottle and squirt him and myself as we walk. Meanwhile I'm sweating like a man! and burning up from the sun. HOTNESS! It really is an unbelievable kind of heat. It's almost suffocating as the day goes on. Being outside for even minutes is terrible. It does make for a really good workout, even if it is miserable.

Because it's so hot outside. Some of our outside fun has come into the house. Even though, we still do this stuff in the house sometimes when it's fine outside. We're crazy like that. ;)

Max throwing the ball for the dogs.

Max loves doing this to the dogs. He tries to be a little Houdini. hee, hee..... keep your eye on the ball.

Playing keep away. Poor Boston is dying to get the ball. Max thinks this is so funny!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Find out what it means to Baxter. Ever since my two dogs were puppies, Boston has been a pig with his food, and Baxter wants to take his time. If Baxter had his way he would like his food in a bowl left out all day. Then he could eat it when he pleased. But he lives with Boston. Who scarfs down his food. Then he tries to eat Baxter's food. It's been the same way since they were puppies. Boston wants to eat and eat, then eat some more.
So my little spiteful Baxter, will sit and wait until Boston is done scarfing his food. Which doesn't take long. Then Baxter likes to taunt Boston with the food. He'll stand by his food and keep eyeballing Boston. Then when he fells like Boston is getting to close or looking at him, He'll growl.
We were talking to a golden retriever rescue group. We told them about the conflict every morning and night with feeding our beasts. Which over the 5 years we've had them has caused about 2 nasty fights. Which both times I had to break up because Shaun wasn't home. I was so mad at them! They new it and would try to suck up to me. Still being on edge with each other. They said that Golden Retrievers want respect. It's a respect thing for them. Baxter feels that Boston is not respecting him. So the game plays on..............

Baxter growling at Boston for looking at him

Boston trying not to look at him

Boston trying to have a cool face. Acting like he doesn't want Baxter's food.

I've found myself many times talking to them like 2 fighting kids. "Baxter, stop taunting Boston!" "Boston, stop looking at Baxter!" "Baxter just eat your food!" "Boston, sit over here (away from Baxter) and lie down!" Seriously these two?! They're like 2 fighting brothers! They only do this kind of thing with each other. They have never done this with Shaun, Max, or myself. They are the sweetest dogs with Max. They are only funny about the food with each other.
You're probably saying I should just feed them separate. I'll tell you why I don't. Boston will eat his food just fine. Baxter won't eat unless he has Boston to taunt. He wants to make Boston respect him, and Boston just want to eat everything. That's what you get with two male dogs.

Boston running in to pick up any left overs.

Of course, Baxter has no problem doing the same thing to Max. ;)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Paper Jam

I was trying to print something from the printer when I heard the beep. I look at the screen. Paper jam. I pull out the paper to see what the problem is...........

One of Max's ABC books was in there. HA! How did that get in there? I'll give you one guess.....

Sunday, July 18, 2010

What's he doing?

Max has been doing something really funny for a while. He'll open his mouth really wide and breath really fast and loud. Shaun and I would laugh and be like, "what's he doing?" We just thought he was being a funny kid. Because kids do funny stuff.

Then the other day. Max was playing with his dog Boston. Because Boston is a spazzy lab. Who gets really excited when you play with him. He opens his mouth and pants really loud. So in response Max starts to do his funny breathing thing back to Boston. DUH!? He was copying Boston this whole time. FUNNY!
Now I see it all the time and can see him trying to be like Boston. Max will go up to Boston and start doing his panting to him. Or when Boston comes in the room. Max will start to do the panting, or Boston will start panting so Max will too. Seriously?! Max is so funny! He's just trying to communicate with his doggy. Which by the way, Is his favorite word to say, doggy and dog.

Boston's happy face

You couldn't find a more loyal friend then Boston. Shaun and I joke that our other dog Baxter could be picked up somewhere and be perfectly fine with any new owner. As long as they pet him. Probably wouldn't even miss us. Baxter is Mr. Social. Boston on the other hand, would miss us.
I love both my dogs, but Boston and I have a special bond. Which is funny because the reason we have 2 dogs is because Shaun's always wanted a yellow lab. It's his dream dog. So we got Boston. (I'll have to blog about that later.) Then it turned out that Boston likes me best! Ha! Sorry Shaun. He follows me around the house and wants to be right next to me. Boston that is, not Shaun. hee hee. Although, Shaun and I have a very special bond too. ;)

When we go to the dog park. Baxter's all over the park mingling with all the other people and dogs. He makes 20 new best friends whenever we go. Boston on the other hand. He only has eyes for me, or better yet for a dog, only has nose for me. ;)
He just wants to be with me. He'll follow me around the park where ever I go. I'll throw the ball for him and he'll retrieve it and bring it back to me. over and over again. It's his favorite thing to do.
Meanwhile, Baxter is clear across the park at the entrance being the greeting party to all new dogs and people. ;)
In other words, If I'm ever lost in the mountains. Please send Boston to find me. He wouldn't stop searching until he found me. Baxter on the other hand, would find new friends and forget what he was looking for. ;)

Friday, July 16, 2010


fold your arms, bow your head, this is how the prayer is said.

I've been singing that song to Max before we say the prayer. He loves it. It really got him interested in the prayer. About a month ago. As I started to sing the song. He folded his arms! I thought I was going to burst with joy! It was the most adorable thing. He now folds his arms whenever I say the word prayer, or ask him to fold his arms. What a little angel he is.

It's so cute because he'll come up to me and fold his arms. Looking at me with that sweet face. Wanting to show me what a good boy he is. The look on his face is priceless. I don't disappoint, I praise him and tell him what a good boy he is. By doing this, he has reminded me to say the prayer many times when I've forgotten. I love that boy! Thank you Max.

I also caught him the other day. folding his arms over one of his toys. With him smiling and trying to close his eyes that kept peeking open to look at his toys. Even though he probably doesn't understand what it all means. He's learning and my heart was swelling with joy.

The funny thing is, he can't keep his arms folded throughout the prayer. What he's been doing is folding them at the beginning and then when I say Amen, he hurries and folds them again. haha! I love you son. Thanks for bringing me so much happiness. :)

Max's old ride

My brother was borrowing Max's old car seat. When he brought it back to us, Max thought it was pretty fun to play with. I left it in the living room all day so he could have fun playing with it.

Did I really fit in there mom?

Also, about the shorts Max has on. I guess because he's thinning out they tend to hang down low on his bum. The more he plays and moves around the more they tend to slide down his bum. It's pretty funny.
Max is going gangsta style. As long as he doesn't start rapping. He could rap about his two D-O- double GGizzles in the Heezee. What? yo, yo, yo. Please no, no, no.
I do know that my golden retriever Baxter is quite gangsta. My little baby face cat and chicken killer. Baxter's just keeping it real. He is a true D-O double G. Feel free to add the izzle to that. :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

15 month check-up

Max was not a happy boy for his 15 month check-up on Tuesday. He would scream over everything. putting him on the scale to be weighed, trying to measure him, the doctor gently putting the stethoscope on his chest. Max was mad! I don't blame him. He has not been feeling well. This hand, foot, mouth virus has not been fun.

Dr. Jones said his rash was the worst he's seen. Yikes! I'm happy to say that today it's looking a lot better. His legs, hands, and feet are having the hardest time with it. They are looking a lot better now! It should be gone soon. :)
Despite the rash. Dr. Jones said he's really happy with the way Max is growing and looking. Really happy. Which makes me really happy. Dr. Jones always says how impressed he is with how strong Max is. He got to see this first hand while Max was bursting out of our arms and kicking and flailing to be released from the doctor touching him. Strong little guy.
To top it all off. We had to do shots. YUCK! I felt so bad for my little guy. He was NOT happy!

Here's Max showing his battle wounds. His band aids look like tattoos. ha! Looking like a tough guy with his motorcycle. Straight out of prison? Or because he's 15 months old, straight out of "time out." haha......

I sat Max on the couch while I got his lunch ready. When I came back. He was like this. All cozy with the pillow watching baby Einstein. Poor little guy did not feel good. I had to take a picture. He looked so adorable!

I'm not sure if this is really the proper stats. As Max was not cooperating when they tried to get them. I mean NOT cooperating! screaming, kicking, moving all over the place. He wanted to be in my arms and no where else. With no one touching him. He was ticked! good thing Dr. Jones is such a sweet man! With 4 kids and 1 on the way. :)

Weight- 26.4 (70%)
Height- 33 1/2 inches (over 95%)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


My dad
checking out the goods

lining up to get some fireworks

Oh yeah!

enjoying the scene

wait a minute, Should a 4 year old be holding a big firework with the letters TNT on it?
Only for the 4th of July festivities. ;)

Max desperately wanting to get out of his stroller. Only to run right to the fireworks.
I don't think so! Sorry Max. He actually ended up falling asleep doing all the fireworks. This kid wants to be to bed by 8:00pm. no matter what. Then up at 5:30am. He has his very own internal alarm clock.

cousin fun

Here's some pictures of Max having fun with his cousins in Utah. He had lots of play friends. I wish I would have gotten more pictures with him and all his cousins. Max had a great time with them. They were all so sweet and loving to him.

That's a kid having a good time!
Thomas, Max, and Brittany

hugging cousin Aubrey. :)

This is Elle. She's only 2 weeks older than Max. Just a little bit of a size difference. ha!

funny Kate

Now that's Max having a good time!

always on the move.

Monday, July 12, 2010

a surprise

Have you ever had two yokes in one egg? I've never seen it, until now. I had a hard boiled egg. I was peeling it and pulling off the whites to get to the yoke because Max loves the yoke. When I discovered a TWIN SURPRISE! two yokes stuck together! Pretty cool.
Maybe this good luck will help me with fertility. ;) I can hope right?

You may be wondering about the mess all over the plate. I was warming up one of the hard boiled eggs in the microwave. It well........exploded. oops! I put it in for a little too long. HA!
Maybe, that's more of the sign for my infertility. HA!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

hand, foot, mouth

Max got the Coxsackie virus (known as hand, foot, mouth.) while we were in Utah. It's so terrible! I took him to the doctor and there's really nothing you can do. I want to cry every time I look at him. He has the rash all over his body. everywhere! Even IN his mouth. There's little bumps and big bumps everywhere. Some places look terrible. Like big blisters all over.
The doctor said he had a very impressive case. I don't know what he thinks is so impressive about it! Impressive is not the word I would use. More like TERRIBLE!
He's doing really well with it. Better then I am about it. I give him oatmeal baths, Ibuprofen, benadryl, and rub triamcinolone ointment all over him.
The doctor said it could last up to 5 to 7 days. Blah! I feel so miserable for him. The rash looks horrendous. I hope he gets better soon. Meanwhile, we're keeping Max at home. It's very contagious. Older kids usually don't get it so bad. Adults usually don't get it. If they do get it, It would be a sore throat.
I think he's on the mend now. The parts of his body that started out first with the rash are going away. It seems to start out as small bumps then grows into a big red blister and then scabs over.
I hope it goes away soon. My poor baby......

Thursday, July 8, 2010

4th of July Parade

We went to the 4th of July parade in Provo, UT. I loved it! What a great time. There were soldiers and veterans. The crowd would stand and cheer. It was all so patriotic and fun. This is why I love the 4th of July in Utah. The weather was so amazing. It was a wonderful break from the heat in Arizona. I love this country and enjoy celebrating our freedoms! Because the 4th of July was on Sunday. They had the big fireworks on Saturday night and the parade Monday morning. I loved this! It made the celebration last longer. I wish Shaun could have come with us. He was stuck working.

I love the look on Max's face as he watches the parade go by.

Even the missionaries walk the parade! People were standing and cheering. You've got to love that!

love the veterans! :)

The theme of the parade was "then and now"
this float had the Nauvoo temple going to the Salt lake Temple

Funny Republican float. Cut the pork. Ha!

That's just a little of the parade. There was a lot more. So fun!