Tuesday, August 21, 2012

We've got a Linus

My baby loves his Blankie

Not just any Blankie, but the four blankets I got from some friends. I'm forgetting the Brand as of right now, but they are the best blankets! Super light weight and soft. 

Easton loves the feel of these blankets. When I put him in his bed, he has to have his blanket snuggeled up to his face. It's his little "snuggy" and soothes him to go to sleep. He loves to bury his face in it, or it has to be touching his face. It's so adorable!
There is something so touching and sweet about it. It makes me feel good that he has something to snuggle and comfort him through the night. 

Tired boy, rubbing his face in his blankie. 

This kid is too cute for words. For real! He's my sweet little buddy who is becoming quite the comedian. Even when he was small, I would be in the bathroom doing my make up and all of a sudden a little smiling head would peak in from the side of the door frame and then back out, then peak in, and back out again. It was the cutest thing and would always make me laugh! 
I remember I couldn't believe how small he was and he was playing peek and boo and trying to make me laugh. I love this kid! 

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Team Buzz or Team Woody?

What team are you on? Team Buzz or Team Woody?
Max loves to watch Toy Story and for a long time he was
always Team Buzz. 



When he wanted to watch Toy Story,
he would call it Buzz and be so excited
when Buzz would come on the scene. 

Now, there has been a switch. He always
asks for Woody now, and the other day
he came up to me with his Buzz laser
gun. I said, something to the effect of
"You've got your Buzz gun, cool buddy." 
To which he FIRMLY replied,
"No! Woody's gun." 
Oh well, excuse me! I didn't know
that you had switched to team Woody. 
He now likes to put on a Cowboy hat 
and let us know that Woody is in the 
building. ;) 

Monday, July 30, 2012

Fathers and Sons

In our church they have a camp out called, Fathers and Sons. It's a fun activity for Fathers to take their Sons to and spend time together camping out for a night. Shaun took Max and they had a great time! Although, Shaun said it got really cold at night and Max kept asking, "Where's Mom?" 
Well, I'm glad they had a great time and that I was missed. :) 

Max was Loving the ride! When he first saw someone riding around on a Yellow Quad, He would keep asking and bugging Shaun about a "Yellow Tricycle." Shaun finally realized he was talking about the Quads, a little bit bigger and better than a Tricycle. ;) 

Next year, Easton will join the group. Then this Mommy will have some nice alone time. (oops, did I say that out loud.)
When they get home I will smother them in kisses and hope they had a great time! Maybe, even hoping they missed me a little. I know I'll enjoy some alone time, but it will be great to have them back. :)  

I also really enjoyed the one on one time I got to spend with Easton. I adore this kid! He's so fun to play with and always makes me laugh. He really is too cute!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

We've got some new friends

These two our loving our new friends that come and visit us all day long. 

Good morning Friends!

I hung two bird feeders on our pack patio and they have been VERY popular. We might be the only bird feeder in town. It's fun to watch them come and go throughout the day. I didn't know I was going to enjoy watching them so much, and the boys LOVE it!

They line up all along our fence. 

You know, I love to watch and take pictures of our new friends. Although, when I see the picture they do look a little creepy. right?

What you looking at?

Mr. Regal 

Puffing up for the ladies. 

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner our served. 
These birds go through a whole bird feeder in half a day! 
I might not be able to keep this service up on a DAILY basis. 

Once, while the boys and I were outside playing, we got a real treat, a humming bird came to check out our bird feeder. They're really amazing to watch. I was excited for the boys, and I have to admit, for myself, to see this Hummingbird so close up. Unfortunately, we didn't have what the Hummingbird was looking for. I'm now going to get a Hummingbird feeder and hope we get to see more Hummingbirds. 

I have found that me and my feather friends really only have a one sided friendship. They only like to come when I have food up. Go figure. ;) 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summer time = Popsicle time


Popsicles = Happy Kids

Happy Kids = Happy Mom

But sometimes.....
 popsicle's = messy, sticky kids = not so happy Mom. ;) 

I love popsicle's in the Summer. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Boys Club

So, this is my first post for my new "Boys Club" posts, that I want to start doing. I thought I would start with this one as I put Max to sleep last night and instead of wanting something soft like a stuffed Teddy Bear to sleep with, Max wanted his plastic toy Shark and Killer Whale.
He's been sleeping with them for about a week. It makes me laugh and is SO Max. He's really into sea animals right now, especially, Sharks and Whales. He wants to watch our Discovery Blue Planet DVD'S all the time. He cracks me up!
So, to be in this Boys Club, you've got to be willing to sleep with Killer whales and Sharks. ;)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

We're big FANS of Father's Day around here. We've got a GREAT dad! Max and Easton are two LUCKY boys!

We made a book for Shaun that I downloaded from Pinterest. It has some questions and Max didn't disappoint with his answers. Here's the questions and Max's answers......

My Dad's name is?    DAD

How old is Dad?    THREE (This may have something to do with the fact that Max is three)

What color is Dad's hair?   YELLOW (This may have to do with the fact that I was pointing to my hair when I asked the question)

For work, He?     SMASHES FLIES  (Haha! kids are so funny!)

What does Dad like to do?    SWIMMING AND SMASHING FLIES.  (haha! the flies again)

Dad likes to watch?   BABY NOAH (this is a favorite of Max's)

Is Dad funny?   YES


I love Dad because......

1. He smashes flies  (haha! he must really like when Shaun smashes flies)

2. Takes me swimming

3. watches Baby Noah

4. He's Nice

5. He's Fun

6. He plays Trucks

Now, I can't wait to see what Easton's answer's will be when he gets older. We love our DADDY!!

I'm also THANKFUL for my AMAZING Father! Who has now become the best Grandpa ever! Love you DAD!!