Monday, July 30, 2012

Fathers and Sons

In our church they have a camp out called, Fathers and Sons. It's a fun activity for Fathers to take their Sons to and spend time together camping out for a night. Shaun took Max and they had a great time! Although, Shaun said it got really cold at night and Max kept asking, "Where's Mom?" 
Well, I'm glad they had a great time and that I was missed. :) 

Max was Loving the ride! When he first saw someone riding around on a Yellow Quad, He would keep asking and bugging Shaun about a "Yellow Tricycle." Shaun finally realized he was talking about the Quads, a little bit bigger and better than a Tricycle. ;) 

Next year, Easton will join the group. Then this Mommy will have some nice alone time. (oops, did I say that out loud.)
When they get home I will smother them in kisses and hope they had a great time! Maybe, even hoping they missed me a little. I know I'll enjoy some alone time, but it will be great to have them back. :)  

I also really enjoyed the one on one time I got to spend with Easton. I adore this kid! He's so fun to play with and always makes me laugh. He really is too cute!

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Chance's Mom said...

I'm asking for a yellow trike for Christmas:)
Father's and Son's is so awesome for boys and their daddies!