Wednesday, October 26, 2011

6 months old

My sweet little Easton is 6 months old! He had his 6 month check up and the doctor said he looked great! He was really happy for me. I still have to put up Easton's stats from his 2 month, 4 month, and now 6 month. I've got to find them. yikes! As long as I know he's doing good. He really is my sweet angel.

We started solids and our first try was a success! The next two tries were not as successful, so I let him just play with the bowl and food. ;)

haha! funny face.

I love you my sweet Easton, thanks for bringing so much joy and love to my heart and life. Just today, as I read to you and then we laid down facing each other on the bed, and the exuberant smile and laughter coming from you as I talked to you and gently rubbed your head, cheek, tummy, and played with your hands and toes. It made me never want to forget these precious moments I have with you. I want to etch all that you are and do into my mind and never forget your sweet babyness, from your head down to your toes and everything in between..... that I cannot stop kissing. Your happy demeanor is infectious. I love you so much.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Brownie anyone?

That is, if Max doesn't eat all the batter. ;)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mirror image

Mommy and Max
(above and below)

Mommy and Easton

Mirror, mirror on the wall.............who knew I'd have TWO babies to call my own? WOW! if I only knew this before..........would have saved a lot of heartache, which now is but a distant memory, for my JOY is so grand! God knew, and blessed me with these TWO amazing boys. Thank you, I'm enjoying these mirror images. :)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Got Licorice?

Of course, you've got to wash it down with some milk.
If you don't have cookies, try some licorice and milk. ;)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Eagle eyes and Night vision

Whenever Shaun and I are driving and we need to look out for signs, directions, ext. I call him my, Mr. Eagle eyes. He has great vision and can see far better then me, even with my glasses or contacts in, which I should always have on, especially, when driving. ;)

So, where does the Night vision come in? well, that's my department. Shaun is so blind in the dark! I mean laugh out loud blind because I will be right in front of him and he wont be able to see me. It's pretty hilarious! Once I asked him to hand me something and he was holding his arms out to give it to me to the East and I was standing South! Me on the other hand, I can see great in the dark. My eyes adjust well and I'm able to walk through the house with no problem in the dark. Shaun has to turn every light on as he goes.
We make a pretty good pair, Eagle eyes and Night vision. Shaun will have my back in the day, and I'll try not to laugh so hard when he trips over something in the dark, which I can see. I guess I better give him a heads up. ;)