Sunday, September 26, 2010

snuggle up

Boston and Baxter used to snuggle up together all the time. It was so adorable. Now that they have reached adulthood, they never snuggle each other anymore. Sad. I guess it's not cool for adult male dogs to snuggle each other anymore. Sad again.

But........It is ok for little boys to snuggle dogs. Which Max wants to do all the time. He's constantly trying to hug them, snuggle them, lay on them. He adores his dogs. Boston is the best sport with this sort of thing. Baxter can only take so much. He'll end up moving and hiding from Max. It's pretty funny.

The other day, Shaun took Max to Home Depot. Someone had their dog with them at the store. Max ran right over to the dog and gave it a big hug. Clinging to the dogs neck. Everyone that saw this thought it was a adorable. The dog on the other hand, was a little nervous by this.
That's Max having no fear again.
When I took him to the park the other day. He saw a dog being walked by it's owner and started chasing after it. The dog got startled and started barking at Max. Instead of Max getting upset, scared, or running away. He just stopped and stared at the dog like, "What's your problem?"

I'm glad that Max doesn't live in dog years. Because I need way more snuggle time with him before he's too cool for that sort of thing. ;)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Shoe love

Max loves his shoes. The other night he was really fussy and wouldn't go to sleep. I finally let him down to see what he wanted. He went right over and got his Nike shoes. He came back to me and was fine. He was ready to go to bed now, he had his shoes in hand.
He does this for his naps sometimes too. I take off his shoes so he can go down for a nap. He quickly grabs the shoes and gets a firm hold on them, clinging them to his chest. Then I read him his books and put him in his crib. While he's still holding on to his shoes.
Once I tried to pry them from his hands while I thought he was sleeping. Big mistake. He woke up and got so mad! I had to hurry and give them back to him. He loves to sleep holding on to his shoes.
This morning, I went to get him out of his crib. He instantly squirms out of my arms and goes over to his dresser and pulls out his shoes. haha!
I think he knows that, shoes mean he can go outside. He wants to be prepared at all times. He loves to go outside.

Here he is this morning with his shoes in hand, while he watches the movie "Air buddies," which he LOVES!

He likes to put on his black boots and walk around the house. He looks absolutely adorable. He has a little bit of a bull leg to match.

Here he is just chillin' with his truck slippers on, that he wanted to wear the other day.

You're so funny Max!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Number Book

Here's the Number Book I made for Max. It was easy to do. On some of the pages, I went to the craft store and got a bunch of 3-D stickers of things I know Max likes. I'm still working on finishing a few of the pages.

These pictures look like the dogs "mug shots" haha! I know Baxter would have a LONG rap sheet. Boston would only have a misdemeanor for occasionally getting into the garbage. ;)

I vel-croed the cars on the page so Max could take them off. He loves to take them off and play with them so much, that I'm going to change it to stickers. Then he can have the cars to play with and take around the house.

Still waiting to get a good picture of Max's grandparents. (send me a picture mom)

Max is really into Tiger's right now. He loves them. When he sees them in some of his books or on a DVD we have. He gets excited and loves to point at it and say, "Tig-ah"

Max really loves this book. He loves all the pages. The stickers are really cool. They have texture and stick out. I had to put clue dots on the back of the stickers so Max can't pull all the stickers off. Which he naturally tries to do. :)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Come fly with me

Max is really into airplanes right now. When he hears or sees them in the sky, he gets excited and loves to point them out to me.
Shaun and I decided it would be fun to take Max down to a little airport and see some planes taking off or landing.
I don't think Max was getting that this plane on the ground was the same as the planes flying in the sky.

Here he is, looking adorable, waiting on a bench to see the planes take off.
He got his chance.......


We also got to see this beauty

The guys working on a harrier. We didn't get to see these bad boys take off. This is the only airplane that can take off vertically like a helicopter. We did get to see a helicopter take off though. A bright yellow one.

Max hanging with daddy

Then some cousins came and joined us!

As you can see. Max loves his cousins.

Max also found some sprinklers to play in. I would say it was a fun day for my little guy.
It was a good day for all of us . :)

We have another little airport close by to us. It has planes taking off and landing frequently. That will be are next place to check out the planes.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Caught on Camera......unaware.

When I first saw the pictures below. I starting laughing. Out loud. I found them to be hilarious! Let me explain what's going on. Max's cousins, Beauwin and Ireland, invited us to their birthday swim party. To have a swim party there must be a pool.
Max loves the water and has no fear. The moment he sees the pool, he's dead set on making his way to it, not skipping a beat and walking right off the edge of the pool into the water.
The photo's below are of me, trying to carry our swim bag to the table. While trying to hold on to Max and save him from plummeting himself into the water without someone there to help him.
I was unaware that I was having my picture taken. I would've smiled. :)

I'm almost to the table. Then I can put the awkward swim bag down.

Swim bag down. I'm really not as unhappy as I look in this photo. Max is still trying to be released from my arms.

Here I am, still trying to control Max with both hands now.
I had to change him into his swim diaper and swim suit. That was quite an obstacle, getting him to sit still for a minute, so I could change him.

finally, Max can be in the pool. Sheesh!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Dogs worst nightmare

Maybe, this is what Boston and Baxter are seeing, when I hear them whimper in their sleep sometimes.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I made this COLOR book for Max. I have a lot of scrap booking stuff and it was nice to put it to use. I only used what I had. There's a few things I want to add to certain pages.
The good thing is. Max loves it! Which makes me really happy. I would be so sad if he didn't. I brought it to church with us on Sunday. Max played with it for about 20 minutes!! with my help of course. This is a miracle! My little guy doesn't like to sit still for a minute. He likes all the hands on touching he can do and play with on each page. I put some of the things on the outside of the plastic cover for this reason.
I'm in the process of doing some other books for him as well. Numbers, ABC's, and a church book.

YELLOW is Max's favorite page. He loves the Yellow bus. When I go walking in the morning. I meet Whitney at her house, where the school bus picks up the kids. Max loves to see and hear the bus. He also loves the car on the BLUE and RED pages. He points at the car on the page and says, "car" over and over. He loves to point it out to me.

Some of the pages have balls on them. I don't know if they're too small, or he hasn't really seen them yet. He loves balls.
Shaun, Max, and I were at Seagull Book yesterday. They have a bunch of pictures with Basketballs and Footballs on them in the corner of the store. Max was obsessed with these pictures. He kept running over to them, going from one picture to the next saying, "ball" pointing at one picture and then the next. He would even sit down in front of the pictures and stare at them, then point at them and say "ball" over and over. Shaun and I were getting a kick out of this. He's so funny.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happy Birthday to Shaun!

Happy Birthday Shaun! His birthday was Saturday. We went to Famous Dave's, Shaun's favorite restaurant. He loves that place. He loves it so much that I had to get him some of their famous BBQ sauces. He got 2 Sweet & Zesty, 1 Rich & Sassy, and 1 Georgia Mustard.
He also got a gift card to seagull book. I know, big surprise to those who know Shaun and his love for books. ;)

Let me tell you how much Shaun REALLY loves Famous Dave's BBQ. It all begin on a shopping trip to Costco. Famous Dave's was there, with their slow cooker, giving out samples of pork, with their BBQ sauces. They were selling bottles of the BBQ sauce.
As I was shopping around, Shaun was gone sampling. When he makes his way back to me, he has a 23 pound pig shoulder and a big box that held a slow cooker! 23 pounds of pig with a slow cooker! ummmmm?! Shaun? What are you doing with those? He insist that he needs them, with all the Famous Dave's BBQ sauces! hahaha! Seriously?! Shaun makes me laugh! He was sold the moment he tasted the Famous Dave samples.
The funny thing is, Shaun and I love the sit-com King of Queens. I think Kevin James is hilarious! Sometimes, Shaun reminds me of him in the show. This was one of Shaun's "Doug Heffernan" moments.
I had to try and convince Shaun that maybe we could first, save up for a slow cooker. Then buy some pork, not 23 pounds worth, and go from there.
We still laugh to this day about it, and will continue to laugh about it. Because at the time, Shaun wasn't happy that I thought a 23 pound pig shoulder was a little much to be "experimenting" with, especially, because we don't have a slow cooker and we don't have the money to buy one.
He did get a bunch of Famous Dave's BBQ sauces that day, that I can handle. The 23 pound pig shoulder and slow cooker? We'll stick to going to Famous Dave's restaurant for that kind of a thing. ;)
Happy Birthday Shaun! Thanks for always making me laugh! Max and I love you!