Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Shoe love

Max loves his shoes. The other night he was really fussy and wouldn't go to sleep. I finally let him down to see what he wanted. He went right over and got his Nike shoes. He came back to me and was fine. He was ready to go to bed now, he had his shoes in hand.
He does this for his naps sometimes too. I take off his shoes so he can go down for a nap. He quickly grabs the shoes and gets a firm hold on them, clinging them to his chest. Then I read him his books and put him in his crib. While he's still holding on to his shoes.
Once I tried to pry them from his hands while I thought he was sleeping. Big mistake. He woke up and got so mad! I had to hurry and give them back to him. He loves to sleep holding on to his shoes.
This morning, I went to get him out of his crib. He instantly squirms out of my arms and goes over to his dresser and pulls out his shoes. haha!
I think he knows that, shoes mean he can go outside. He wants to be prepared at all times. He loves to go outside.

Here he is this morning with his shoes in hand, while he watches the movie "Air buddies," which he LOVES!

He likes to put on his black boots and walk around the house. He looks absolutely adorable. He has a little bit of a bull leg to match.

Here he is just chillin' with his truck slippers on, that he wanted to wear the other day.

You're so funny Max!


Samantha F. said...

That's hilarious! What a cute boy, he sounds like a real character.

Chance's Mom said...

Well, now you know that when he gets a little older, the two of you can bond by going shoe shopping together.