Friday, April 30, 2010

phrase of the week

When Shaun was working at Fidelity investments in New Hampshire. He had a Chinese women with a thick accent, who would call about her investments. She was a funny lady. One day she started telling Shaun about the people she worked for and then she said with a feisty attitude and thick Chinese accent, "What do they think I am? Cheap Chinese labor!....I don't think so!!"
Shaun and I have adopted this phrase. Every now and again we'll say it. Like the other day when Shaun asked me to do something for him. I turned to him and in my best Chinese accent I said, "Cheap Chinese labor!......I DON'T THINK SO!"
It makes us laugh every time. :)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

adoption questions

Here are some discussion questions from Which is a website for LDS social services for adoption.

  1. Do you and your spouse have similar feelings about adoption?

  2. Yes___ No___

    Are you and your spouse excited about the prospect of becoming parents through adoption?

  3. Yes___ No___

    Are you realistic about the joys, heartaches, struggles, and rewards that can accompany parenthood?

  4. Yes___ No___

    Are you ready to let go of the idea of having children through pregnancy?

  5. Yes___ No___

    Do you understand that adoption will not cure the pain of infertility?

  6. Yes___ No___

    Do you and your spouse have a solid, healthy relationship?

  7. Yes___ No___

    Are you ready to be a parent to a child who doesn’t have biological ties to you?

  8. Yes___ No___

    Can you provide a loving atmosphere in which a child may thrive?

  9. Yes___ No___

    Are you prepared to deal with a child’s questions and possible feelings of loss?

  10. Yes___ No___

    Are you prepared for the rigors of the adoption process?

  11. Yes___ No___

    Are you prepared for the possibility that adoption can result in conflicting, complicated emotions?

    I'm not sure that I can give an absolute Yes to all of these questions. defiantly something to think about and discuss.

    I've been looking on line for more information on adoption. It really is so overwhelming for me. It seems so hard. It's giving Shaun and I a lot to think about, to worry about, to be concerned about, to be excited about, and on and on.

    I'm really concerned about the financial cost. It's something that Shaun and I would have to save up for. Which only would prolong the process even more.

    There's also a lot to consider about what age you're willing to adopt. For me, I really want Max to be the oldest child. For several reasons.

    There's so many variables to consider here. It's defiantly going to be a long process. Max is only one but I would like to have another child before he's 10! We still have the option of in-vitro. Both ways are going to cost a lot of money and be a challenge. We'll have to have a lot of faith and be praying a lot. It will be interesting to see what happens with our family. Whatever does happen, We will always be a family. Together forever. :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Adoption and In-vitro

We have to have another child. Max needs a sibling. How boring to be an only child. I know our family isn't done growing. May sound easy enough? Not for Shaun and me.
I need to make an appointment with the infertility center and get more information about doing In-vitro with the embryo's we have frozen.
We also need to start the adoption process. It seems so overwhelming to me. It wont be a problem for Shaun and I to adopt a child and love them as our own. It's the process that scares me. It seems so emotionally and financially draining. I really don't know where to begin.
They say that you should tell everyone you know that your looking to adopt. So I'm letting everyone know that Shaun and I would like to adopt. It seems so weird to say that. Hey everyone, If your looking to, or know someone who wants to give up a baby, Let me know. ?!?! It just feels so impersonal to me. It's a good thing to get the word out.

Maybe it could happen naturally this time. I don't know. I do know that we need more children. Some way, some how.
Let the process begin. As soon as I can figure out how, what, and when.
I wish it didn't have to feel so overwhelming and demand so much from us. That's the price you pay. Those are the cards Shaun and I have been dealt. We can do this! We've already been blessed with our Max. I would go through the same long process. With all it's ups and downs. The pain and heartache. To get my Max. I guess that's the beauty of it all. It may be so hard. It may push me beyond what I thought I could do. but you learn that anything is possible with help from above. :)
Maybe by posting this blog post will get me started in the right direction. It just seems so hard.
I need to stop talking and start doing. It could be a long road ahead.....
Maybe I'm not ready just yet. The only problem is, I feel that when I am ready, It would be nice to have the process all ready started.
For now, we'll be enjoying each other and our little family. Hoping that eventually, another will join us. Because I feel that there is another.....

Monday, April 19, 2010


On Saturday we went to the Phoenix Zoo. I love the Zoo and had a great time with Shaun and Max. Here's some photo's of our day at the Zoo.

This picture does not capture just how beautiful and huge this Golden Eagle was. So amazing.

Just LION around.

Isn't she lovely

Love bird Rhino's. These two are HUGE! Really cool to see. So cute snuggled together.

The ugliest animal.

Amazing color! So vivid.

The wildest of them all.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Green Spandex

I would never be seen in green spandex

but these guys are hilarious in green spandex!!

Makes me smile plus Max's stats

For Max's birthday he got some BIG cars. (thanks Sammy) As I was going through his toy box. I found that he had an identical LITTLE car. So now, daddy and son have been reunited. ;)
Every time I see them it makes me smile. I even have to giggle a little.
The mommy car must have purple eyes and all yellow tires. ;)

Daddy car giving a piggy back ride.

Now for Max's 12 month stats:

Weight- 23 lbs 9 oz (75 percentile)
Height- 33.25 inches! (Still over the 95 percentile.) He has grown 11.75 inches this year!
Head circumference 19 (not sure what percentile this is)

Max's doctor said that he looks really good. He's a very tall healthy boy! He also talked to me about giving "time outs" now. For one minute. I've been trying this out. It's really hard not to laugh! Max has a problem with biting. I for see lots of "time outs" in his future. He looks so funny sitting in the corner. It's hard not to crack a smile or two.
He wont sit still in the corner. I have to keep putting him back in it. Then he'll look away as I'm talking to him. shifting his eyes downward. Trying not to keep eye contact so he doesn't have to listen to what I'm saying. I wish I could describe the look on his face better. It's quite comical.
Max is not walking yet. which is not a problem. He'll do it on his own time. We joke that it's because he's so tall, It's harder to fight the force of gravity. He needs more time to balance himself out. :)
Shaun says that it's because he's a guy. Why does he need to over do anything. He can get around just fine by crawling. haha!
I read on a baby website that children who walk later have a more mellow temperament. I'm thinking this is not the case with Max. It's not like he has a bad temper. He's just not a mellow kid. :) He's a mover! He crawls super fast and wants to be into anything and everything! He does NOT sit still.....ever.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Max's Birthday FUN!!


What a great day we had celebrating!

First, we invited some little friends over for a play date Birthday party
from 12:00 - 1:00pm

We made sure to have plenty of snacks
Goldfish, yogurt melts, animal cookies, and taffy (although, the taffy was really more for the mommies. )

We learned we need to work on Max's friend etiquette. ;)

Seriously?!!........ADORABLE little friends!!!!


The party crew......CUTENESS!

Then it was time for the family party at 5:00pm. We sent out invitations looking like a book. The book was called, Maxwell has a Birthday party. It was a story time themed party.
I love to read to Max. We read to him 3 times a day. Before naps and at bedtime. He really enjoys it. I hope he has a love for reading like his mom and dad. AND after seeing the party pictures you may be seeing ORANGE and BLUE. ;)

First, we made the tables look like beds. With ORANGE and BLUE twin sheet sets.

On one table we had Mr. Bear. With the book You Are Special by Max Lucado (such a cute book with a wonderful message)

On the other table we had the book, Where the Wild Things Are. Which is a story about a little boy named MAX. (another classic book) With a dragon to show you how to be wild!

Of course, even I had to dress for the party. With a ORANGE bow in my hair and BLUE bows tied onto my flip flops. :) Because let's face it, I remember being a big part of this birth. ;)

A must have at a FIRST Birthday party. Max's very own huge cupcake to destroy. You'll see this later.

A taffy bouquet. Made with what else? ORANGE and BLUE taffy.

What do you serve at a story time Birthday party?

Green eggs and ham

Meatballs from the book, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

Strawberries from the book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Where you have to poke holes into the strawberries because The very hungry caterpillar has been here. :)

sneaky little Caterpillar

With Max's Worm Cake for dessert from the book, Max's Worm Cake starring Max and his sister Ruby.

To drink? Pepsi MAX of course.

Then we watched a picture DVD with music that I made of Max's first Year. When I figure out how to download it to blogger. I will share.

PRESENTS!! What a lucky boy to have such a great family. Thanks for sharing Max's special day with us. We love you!

It's time to destroy!!

That a boy Max!!

Straight to the tubby!

Then we went out in the front yard and played the water game. It was hilarious! What a wonderful day!! Here's to many more HAPPY BIRTHDAYS for my Max!!

You only turn ONE once! You only have ONE first birthday.

*on a side note* I had ordered some books online called Max's Dragon, Max's words, and a book simply called MAX. Only one of the books made it in time for Max's party. bummer. I was going to hang them from the fan as decorations. Over kill? YES! I just couldn't help it!! It was so FUN!!!
I love you Maxwell! This will always be a special day in my heart. April 10th. What a great chapter that day started in our life story. That would defiantly be a worthy tale for Story time. :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Max!

My baby is ONE today!!
It's time to PARTY!!

Here's some of the pictures from his ONE year photo shoot. :)

I love you little buddy!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter then and now

Easter 2009
in the hospital
2 days old

Easter 2010

Happy Easter!!