Saturday, January 31, 2009

Where's Shaun??

(shaun after he was found)

I woke up this morning about 7:40am. I start to walk around the house wondering where Shaun is. I call his name, no answer. I look in his office, Not there. I look in the back yard, Not there. I then get a smile on my face thinking he must have went to get me an Einstein bagel. I love their bagels! Plain with Strawberry whipped cream:) Shaun has been going and getting them for me, especially on Saturday mornings.

I go to see if the car is gone. No! the car is still here. Where is Shaun?? He didn't tell me he was going anywhere. I don't see a note anywhere. Where is he?? Maybe a neighbor called for his help. I check the caller id and find no calls where made this morning. I call his cell phone and get no answer. I figure he'll be back soon.

An hour and a half later there is still no sign of Shaun. Where is he?? I start to get annoyed.

Why would he not tell me where he was going? Why not just leave me a note? I thought we had plans to do a lot of things together today. I want to start painting Max's room.

I start getting really annoyed. I mean, can't he even leave me a note! I realize that he probably didn't want to wake me. Let a pregnant lady sleep! Like the saying, "Let lying dogs lie." Is that even the saying? Anyways, You get my point.

A note does not wake anyone up! Why can't he just leave a nice little note. Notes don't wake people up unless you go to school at Hogwarts and your mom sends you a haller! That could wake you up.

After another 45 minutes I finally hear the door slam. "Where have you been??" I say annoyed.

He was at the temple!! How do I get mad at a guy who decides he should go to the temple and do a session!! I do explain that a note would be helpful next time. I also explain that I now must have an Einstein bagel.
In the end, I have a great husband who just needs to learn to leave notes and I got my Einstein Bagel! Thanks love!

21 week ultrasound

Here's a few pictures of my little blessing at 21 weeks. I don't have a scanner but I thought maybe if I took a picture of the picture I could post it. I can only imagine how much bigger he is now that I'm 29 weeks, Almost 30 weeks. I LOVE these pictures. I thought I would spare Max by not showing the pictures that show he is a boy! I'll save him the embarrassment of having them on the Internet:)
Precious little hand
What a cutie!

I love you Max!!

Glucose breakdown

On Saturday, January 17th I went to do my Glucose test. At about 27 weeks of pregnancy they have you go and take a Glucose test. You drink the drink they give you and then in an hour they draw your blood to see if you can break down the sugar. This will determine if you have gestational diabetes.
I went to the lab. They gave me the orange flavored drink and I was not looking forward to drinking it. I heard it can be really disgusting.
They told me to drink the sugar filled liquid as fast as I could. I guzzled it right down. I didn't think it was all that bad! I had no trouble drinking it.
They drew my blood in an hour and they told me my doctor's office would call if there was a problem, Otherwise, Don't worry about it.
I get home from work on Tuesday and find that my doctor's office had called and they wanted me to call them!! This is where my meltdown begun.
I couldn't give them a call back that night because they were gone for the day. I begin to freak out!! Now I have gestational diabetes!! I know it! How could this happen to me! I can't handle this! I'm completely emotional by this point! (This is really embarrassing to write about.....but this is me!)
I get on the Internet and start to read everything that COULD or MIGHT happen if you have gestational diabetes! In my mind all I could see was that everything WOULD happen to me I just know it!! This only happens to 5% of women!! Why me!! I can't handle this! I already feel so tired! I just don't want anything more to deal with!! I start to worry about Max!! What this means for Max and I start to cry!!
Shaun try's to comfort me and hug me. This helps a little, But I'm really being quite ridiculous at this point, My emotions have hit an all time high!
I continue to feel awful the rest of the night! I'm completely stressed out by all this!! I can't wait to call my doctor and find out everything.

The next day I call and get a hold of my doctor to find out that my glucose test was fine!!! They were calling to tell me that I'm really anemic and I need to take more iron. I already take my prenatal at night and a iron supplement in the morning with another tablet called folbic, which has folic acid, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12. This is all supposed to be helping. Apparently, I need more. I now take the iron supplement and folbic morning and night along with my prenatal. Hopefully this will help:)

After finding this information out, I embarrassingly call Shaun to tell him that my complete meltdown last night was all for nothing. I don't have gestational diabetes.
I'm now just going to blame my ridiculous emotional meltdown on the fact that I'm really anemic and that means I was WAY overly tired and exhausted resulting in my emotional meltdown. Sounds good, Right??:)


As of today I'm 29 weeks and will be 30 weeks this Monday!! I'm in the final stretch! Max seems to be enjoying himself in my belly. He moves a lot and I just can't get enough of feeling him move. At night, especially after dinner, I like to sit in the rocker with my bare belly exposed and watch him move! It's so amazing to see him move. He makes really big movements now that makes my belly move up and down and side to side. the other day Shaun and I could see him really well on my right side. My belly was completely lop-sided. You could see where his little body was!! So amazing!! It still seems so surreal to me. I really have a baby in there! I love it!!:)

Pipe dreams??

Our pipe dilemma

Friday January 16

Wake up at 6:30am (Yuck!) Go into the bathroom to get ready for work (again, Yuck!) find water all over the floor. Clean water up with towels. put towels in washer. The rinse cycle begins on washer and more water starts coming out from toilet! We have a problem!

Shaun works at trying to fix toilet. Water starts filling up in the bathtub! We have a serious problem!

Call Roter Rooter.

Roter Rooter is here for 4 hours! Finally decide that it's are main pipe line. Could be up to 4 thousand dollars to fix!!!!!! WHAT!!!!

Roter Rooter puts camera down in pipe and tells us they think the problem is under the sidewalk/road where the pipe meets the city line. The connection to the city seems to be off. We need to call the city because it looks like it might be their problem. They clean us out really well and we should be alright for about a week. We pay them $200 dollars.

We call city. They will come out on Tuesday to inspect. Call them sooner if we have problems.

Tuesday January 20

City comes out. Puts camera down the pipe. Camera breaks. They will come back.

Thursday January 22

City comes back and determines that the problem is on our side right before the sidewalk!! They mark the spot on the grass. AAAHHHHH!!! Back to feeling like we're going to be paying thousands for this.

Saturday January 24

Shaun digs a huge hole down to the pipe. We have no idea what to do. Call plumber to come out on Monday.

Monday January 26

I walk out my door to go to work. There are big city trucks in the front of my house with men working on our hole! What is going on?!?

The city guys decided to come back and finish the inspection and excavate under the sidewalk. I leave and go to work. Shaun stays with the guys.

Shaun calls me at work and tells me the GREAT news!! The city finds that when they put in the electrical lines they drilled too close to the pipe and it cracked open. They said it has probably been like that for years!! Gross sewage leaking out!! Yuck!!

The city guys said they would be back tomorrow when they got all the parts and they would fix it all up for us!! WHAT A BLESSING!! Thank you city guys for coming back to better inspect!!

Tuesday January 22

The city comes back and fixes the pipe! They put the dirt back in the hole that had been dug up.

Wednesday January 23

The city comes back with more dirt and evens everything out!! Yippee! Now, I hope my grass will grow back!

The guys give us a form to submit the bill from Roter-Rooter so the city will reimburse us!!

What a HAPPY ending to such a disgusting problem!!! Whew!! That was stressful and scary!!

The black pipe is the electrical line. The red pipe is the sewer line.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

27 week check up

I had my appointment with Doctor Damore today. I love these appointments and the comfort they give me that everything is going well! I'm measuring at exactly 27 weeks, My weight is great, My urine looks great, My blood pressure is great. I was a little concerned that my blood pressure might not be so great because I've been swelling in my ankles from bad blood flow. I sit at a desk all day and have had some trouble with my legs. (cramping, tingling, falling asleep, ext. )
I've found that walking around the building on my breaks has really helped. I also try to elevate, stretch, and move them more. It's been working really well.
Max's heartbeat was perfect! That's my favorite part. The doctor said that I've been doing awesome and everything this far has been perfect.
Thanks to all the great people who have made me feel good. I'm no longer going to let stupid comments bother me. You don't tell Michelangelo (the painter, not the ninja turtle) How to paint, You also can't tell a pregnant women how to be pregnant, I'm making my own master piece!
Women are amazing! Whether we make babies in our belly or maybe we make babies in our hearts, Or maybe, We haven't had the chance to do either, We are ALL amazing masterpieces ourselves!

I love this quote by Boyd K. Packer. It gave me comfort when Shaun and I couldn't have a baby.

When we speak of marriage, family life, there inevitably comes to mind, "What about the exceptions? There are always exceptions!" Some are born with limitations and cannot beget children. Some innocent ones have their marriage wrecked because of the infidelity of their spouses. Others do not marry and live lives of single worthiness.
For now, I offer this comfort: God is our Father! All the love and generosity manifest in the ideal earthly father is magnified, beyond the capacity of mortal mind to comprehend, in Him who is our Father and our God. His judgments are just, His mercy without limit, His power to compensate beyond any earthly comparison.
Remember that mortal life is a brief moment, for we will live eternally. There will be ample-I almost used the word time, but time does not apply here-there will be ample opportunity for all injustices, all inequities to be made right, all loneliness and deprivation compensated, and all worthiness rewarded when we keep the faith. "If in this life only we have hope in Christ. It does not all end with mortal death; it just begins.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Growing, Growing, Growing

Time to see my belly grow, And it is growing! I had the pleasure this week of a lady telling me, "Isn't this your first baby? Most women don't get that big their first baby" Then she informs me that she never got that big.
Thanks for making an already emotional pregnant women feel like crap! What is wrong with these people? They have me feeling like the circus is coming to pick me up anytime because apparently I'm so freakishly big!
I get it! I have a baby growing in my belly! It's big! No need to let me know just how big you think it is or should be. Keep growing little Max. I'll be big for you!

Shaun and I went to do a baby registry today at Babies'R'us. That was overwhelming and fun! We had fun looking at all the cute stuff! I can't wait for Max to come. I'm feeling some intense "nesting" and want everything to be perfect for him. I have so much organizing I need to do. I have dreams of him coming and I'm not prepared or ready. I need to get everything done. I tend to stress until everything is perfect! I can't seem to find the time or energy to get all the things done I want to get done.
My wonderful sister in-laws Kelley and Angie are throwing me a baby shower February. 7th. I really appreciate them taking care of me. Thanks Kel and Ang:)

14 weeks
18 weeks

22 weeks

26 weeks 5 days

Really kitty? This is the house you choose?

Look what we find meowing at are door step. I hear this loud meowing and of course my dogs start running around the house going crazy! I open the door and good thing for kitty I have a screen door because my dogs about went through it to get to this little kitty.
I finally get the dogs to calm down and take them into the back of the house.
meanwhile, the kitty seems completely unfazed that two big dogs are trying to get at it. I start asking the little kitty, "Really kitty? This is the house you choose?"
This little kitty was so adorable! I give it some milk and we take care of it for the night and then Shaun takes it to the humane society the next day. Shaun loves cats but he is allergic to them. I love little kittens but then they grow up. I'm not a big fan of cats and I'm not dealing with a new pet! Or trying to handle my dogs with this kitty. My golden retriever hates cats!! He is so sweet with kids and loves to be social with other dogs but when it comes to cats, Shaun and I call him the baby face assassin. We did give the kitty a name. We called him creamcicle.

The assassins (no cats aloud)

Temple lights

Shaun and I live a block from the Mesa, AZ temple. They have a visitor center and for Christmas they decorate it so beautifully. I know Christmas is over but I wanted to share these pictures. Shaun and I love to go walk around the temple.
Picture of the temple reflected in the water
The Shepard's coming to the manger.

The manger

Even all the palm trees get decorated

Monday, January 5, 2009

Pregnancy plus

I'm having a good day today and feeling good. So today I want to write about some of the positives to my pregnancy. My previous post had some of the bad so here is the good.

1. I get a baby out of all this!!
2. At least I'm not an elephant who is pregnant for 22 months!! And the baby weighs about 250 pounds!
3. I looked up pictures on the Internet of other pregnant women who are as far along as me and found that I look perfectly normal!
4. I can appreciate bending more
5. I've had no constipation (gross, I know, Sorry)
6. I've had no breast tenderness or soreness
7. I was done with "morning sickness" or "all day sickness" after 10 weeks.
8. I don't have any stretch marks. (Yet)
9. Sometimes I get special treatment for being pregnant
10. Shaun thinks I look beautiful and tells me so.
11. Shaun spoils me:)
12. I went through a lot just to get pregnant. I can handle a little more discomfort to get my little Maxwell Thomas Maher (That will be his name) We'll call him Max:):):)

Here's to you, Maxwell Thomas Maher! Mommy and Daddy love you!! Even if pregnancy sometimes stinks!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

The pregnancy honeymoon may be over

The pregnancy "honeymoon" may be over. (ha, ha) Let me run it down like this:

Feeling huge! Not just in belly, But everywhere.
Feeling like I want to punch those that say, "You've REALLY popped, How far along are you?" I give my answer, Then they respond with, "Looks like he's going to be a big boy!"
"You're looking big, I have a feeling your going to get really big."
Hello people!! It's called being pregnant!
Feeling scared that I'm going to have an enormous baby to squeeze out. Ouch!
Get leg cramps or have sore legs
Having pinching pain in belly button
Get nauseous from pinching pain in belly button
Get lightheaded, dizzy, From pinching in belly
Get worried, stress about pinching in belly and side effects
Feel lousy
Worry that pinching means there is something wrong with baby
Baby has started to move A LOT!! And I mean, A LOT!
Could something be a matter!
Told to call doctor
doctor out for New Years
Call Emergency on call person
Doctor calls back
Doctor informs me that this is common, The ligament behind belly button is being pulled
Doctor informs me that it does not hurt baby
Doctor informs me that it's just really painful and uncomfortable for me. Great!
Doctor tells me to lie down! (Oh, Thanks! Because I have nothing else to do but lie down!)
Feel stupid for calling
Happy that everything is Ok with baby
Feel depressed that I just have to deal with it. I love to feel nauseous, dizzy, numb from pinched ligament right around all those sensitive nerves of the belly. Annoying!
Feel emotional
Feel guilty for not being happier about being pregnant
Still have to pee a lot
Bladder being uncomfortable
Feel exhausted
Feel too tired to get all the things done I need to get done
Being kicked by baby 24/7
Happy that baby is so active

Not happy baby is so active (The ligament problem)
Feeling anxiety that I still have a long ways to go and many more uncomfortable things to deal with.
Stress and worry about everything I eat and drink
Thinking and pondering about how to be the best mom
Feel like I'm being a bad mom for complaining about pregnancy being a pain.

What I'm really trying to say here is:

Give a pregnant lady a hug (depending on mood, She might just punch you for getting too close)

Tell her she looks beautiful

Never comment on her size (Everyone grows differently)

Tell her it's OK to have bad days

But for the most part I'm really having a good pregnancy:) It's always good to vent!