Saturday, January 31, 2009

Pipe dreams??

Our pipe dilemma

Friday January 16

Wake up at 6:30am (Yuck!) Go into the bathroom to get ready for work (again, Yuck!) find water all over the floor. Clean water up with towels. put towels in washer. The rinse cycle begins on washer and more water starts coming out from toilet! We have a problem!

Shaun works at trying to fix toilet. Water starts filling up in the bathtub! We have a serious problem!

Call Roter Rooter.

Roter Rooter is here for 4 hours! Finally decide that it's are main pipe line. Could be up to 4 thousand dollars to fix!!!!!! WHAT!!!!

Roter Rooter puts camera down in pipe and tells us they think the problem is under the sidewalk/road where the pipe meets the city line. The connection to the city seems to be off. We need to call the city because it looks like it might be their problem. They clean us out really well and we should be alright for about a week. We pay them $200 dollars.

We call city. They will come out on Tuesday to inspect. Call them sooner if we have problems.

Tuesday January 20

City comes out. Puts camera down the pipe. Camera breaks. They will come back.

Thursday January 22

City comes back and determines that the problem is on our side right before the sidewalk!! They mark the spot on the grass. AAAHHHHH!!! Back to feeling like we're going to be paying thousands for this.

Saturday January 24

Shaun digs a huge hole down to the pipe. We have no idea what to do. Call plumber to come out on Monday.

Monday January 26

I walk out my door to go to work. There are big city trucks in the front of my house with men working on our hole! What is going on?!?

The city guys decided to come back and finish the inspection and excavate under the sidewalk. I leave and go to work. Shaun stays with the guys.

Shaun calls me at work and tells me the GREAT news!! The city finds that when they put in the electrical lines they drilled too close to the pipe and it cracked open. They said it has probably been like that for years!! Gross sewage leaking out!! Yuck!!

The city guys said they would be back tomorrow when they got all the parts and they would fix it all up for us!! WHAT A BLESSING!! Thank you city guys for coming back to better inspect!!

Tuesday January 22

The city comes back and fixes the pipe! They put the dirt back in the hole that had been dug up.

Wednesday January 23

The city comes back with more dirt and evens everything out!! Yippee! Now, I hope my grass will grow back!

The guys give us a form to submit the bill from Roter-Rooter so the city will reimburse us!!

What a HAPPY ending to such a disgusting problem!!! Whew!! That was stressful and scary!!

The black pipe is the electrical line. The red pipe is the sewer line.


Sankat said...

I am soooo glad everything worked out!!! YAY!!!

br_oden said...

Man I could have written your post 2 years ago 2 months before Kyle was born. But it ended up being our problem and costing us $4000. MOney we were going to help pay off debt with to ease things when Kyle came. So happy for you that it was the cities problem. Bummer for us everything that has fallen apart on this house has been all up to us!