Saturday, January 31, 2009

Glucose breakdown

On Saturday, January 17th I went to do my Glucose test. At about 27 weeks of pregnancy they have you go and take a Glucose test. You drink the drink they give you and then in an hour they draw your blood to see if you can break down the sugar. This will determine if you have gestational diabetes.
I went to the lab. They gave me the orange flavored drink and I was not looking forward to drinking it. I heard it can be really disgusting.
They told me to drink the sugar filled liquid as fast as I could. I guzzled it right down. I didn't think it was all that bad! I had no trouble drinking it.
They drew my blood in an hour and they told me my doctor's office would call if there was a problem, Otherwise, Don't worry about it.
I get home from work on Tuesday and find that my doctor's office had called and they wanted me to call them!! This is where my meltdown begun.
I couldn't give them a call back that night because they were gone for the day. I begin to freak out!! Now I have gestational diabetes!! I know it! How could this happen to me! I can't handle this! I'm completely emotional by this point! (This is really embarrassing to write about.....but this is me!)
I get on the Internet and start to read everything that COULD or MIGHT happen if you have gestational diabetes! In my mind all I could see was that everything WOULD happen to me I just know it!! This only happens to 5% of women!! Why me!! I can't handle this! I already feel so tired! I just don't want anything more to deal with!! I start to worry about Max!! What this means for Max and I start to cry!!
Shaun try's to comfort me and hug me. This helps a little, But I'm really being quite ridiculous at this point, My emotions have hit an all time high!
I continue to feel awful the rest of the night! I'm completely stressed out by all this!! I can't wait to call my doctor and find out everything.

The next day I call and get a hold of my doctor to find out that my glucose test was fine!!! They were calling to tell me that I'm really anemic and I need to take more iron. I already take my prenatal at night and a iron supplement in the morning with another tablet called folbic, which has folic acid, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12. This is all supposed to be helping. Apparently, I need more. I now take the iron supplement and folbic morning and night along with my prenatal. Hopefully this will help:)

After finding this information out, I embarrassingly call Shaun to tell him that my complete meltdown last night was all for nothing. I don't have gestational diabetes.
I'm now just going to blame my ridiculous emotional meltdown on the fact that I'm really anemic and that means I was WAY overly tired and exhausted resulting in my emotional meltdown. Sounds good, Right??:)


As of today I'm 29 weeks and will be 30 weeks this Monday!! I'm in the final stretch! Max seems to be enjoying himself in my belly. He moves a lot and I just can't get enough of feeling him move. At night, especially after dinner, I like to sit in the rocker with my bare belly exposed and watch him move! It's so amazing to see him move. He makes really big movements now that makes my belly move up and down and side to side. the other day Shaun and I could see him really well on my right side. My belly was completely lop-sided. You could see where his little body was!! So amazing!! It still seems so surreal to me. I really have a baby in there! I love it!!:)

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Sankat said...

I freak out don't feel bad. :)
I am glad it was G.D.!!! That wouldn't be fun! I hope the extra iron helps you feel better too.