Friday, February 17, 2012

No more curls

Max's hair started to curl, I love and adore it. He has curly hair when it grows out long. Unfortunately, he needed a hair cut. Max HATES haircuts, I repeat, HATE! So we usually let it grow out and get pretty crazy and then we buzz it all off, then repeat. I was SO sad to see his curly hair go.

Love this!

The above picture is one of Max's CRAZY, completely untamed hair days. haha!


He's stinking cute BOTH ways!
The only problem with his short hair is, I think he looks SO much older!
How did my baby Max get so big?! Well, he's always been big, but I mean bigger! ;)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Just SOME of the things I've been doing

Hanging up some of my favorite pictures

I love this picture of Shaun and me. I think it says a lot about us and that we have a fun relationship. I had to put the word LOVE next to this picture.
We really do LOVE each other (most of the time) hee..hee.

I adore this picture of Max. It captures him in a pure state of EXUBERANCE.
He was jumping in a bounce house and the youthful joy on his face shows through beautifully.
To see and capture Max truly enjoying life, is priceless to me.

Awe.......precious, sweet, baby boy. This is HAPPINESS. I get to feel and see this kind of HAPPINESS everyday from Easton. He certainly brings me HAPPINESS. I will always remember Easton and the HAPPINESS that exudes from this sweet boy!

Below each picture our totes with everyones names on them. It has been so great in keeping things organized in the living room.
You just through things into the individual tote that it belongs to.
Then I can put it all away when I get to it.

I made the above painting by printing out profile pictures of both Max and Easton. Then traced it onto vinyl, first, painting the canvas with a pearl white, then placing the vinyl cut outs of their profiles, then painting over it with two shades of blue, then you pull off the vinyl and TA-DA! a profile canvas I love!
Then I came up with the saying, "I am my brothers keeper."
They better be! I love the way it turned out.

Below is a sneak peak of the amazing bookshelves Shaun and I have been working on
I cannot even tell you how much I love it!
I told Shaun we might not be able to actually put anything on it, because I love it too much with the back splash we did with turquoise and then stenciled it with a damask stencil ! I just want to see the pretty back splash.

What a great peak huh?
I'll have to give more details in another post.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Grandparents rock

My mom and dad came to visit! WE LOVE WHEN THEY COME! They spoil us the whole time and when they leave it's terrible. I love to see them with Max and Easton, they are SO good to them. We go play the whole time they're here. Except when we all got sick. That stunk! The day we were supposed to go to the Aquarium. I text them in Utah still, and ask them when it's time to go to the Aquarium. I guess we'll have to wait until they come again in April. YES!
We still went to the zoo, fed the ducks, and played at the parks. :)

Feeding the ducks

Max and Gehrig had a BLAST feeding the ducks

Riding the Train


Sweet boy!

They are so LUCKY to have such amazing grandparents. WE LOVE YOU!!