Thursday, February 9, 2012

Grandparents rock

My mom and dad came to visit! WE LOVE WHEN THEY COME! They spoil us the whole time and when they leave it's terrible. I love to see them with Max and Easton, they are SO good to them. We go play the whole time they're here. Except when we all got sick. That stunk! The day we were supposed to go to the Aquarium. I text them in Utah still, and ask them when it's time to go to the Aquarium. I guess we'll have to wait until they come again in April. YES!
We still went to the zoo, fed the ducks, and played at the parks. :)

Feeding the ducks

Max and Gehrig had a BLAST feeding the ducks

Riding the Train


Sweet boy!

They are so LUCKY to have such amazing grandparents. WE LOVE YOU!!

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