Saturday, December 10, 2011

Santa Claus

EASTON meeting SANTA for the first time,
Easton is defiantly on the NICE list.

MAX was NOT liking SANTA. haha!
Looks like SHAUN is REALLY liking SANTA. heehee.

Here's MAX, back when he liked SANTA. ;)
Christmas 2009


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Our Thankful Tree

I gathered a bunch of branches from outside, put them together in a glass jar, and... TADA! Our Thankful Tree was born. Now, we have little felt leaves to write down things we are thankful for and then we'll put them on our tree and soon our tree will be filled with gratitude.
It will have to find a new home at the top of the book shelve. Because lets be real, Max will take off all the leaves, and try to pull out the branches. ;) AND it might get over shadowed by the pile of things that end up being put or left on the table. heehee.

I also made this THANKS banner.
I'm looking forward to seeing our tree filled with gratitude and be reminded daily of all the things I'm thankful for. :)

Friday, November 11, 2011

How to train your Dragon


For Halloween we did a "How to train your Dragon" theme from the movie.

My Viking hubby with the cutest little Dragon. ;)
Love the slightly crooked Viking hat look. haha!

Our Monstrous Nightmare Dragon.
He's a little harder to train, he came with a much more FIERY temperament. heehee!

Trick or Treat
(I would give him something good. You don't want to mess with Dragons)

Trick or Treating with young kids is really about the tradition of it. Like I'm going to allow Max to eat ALL the candy, so it ends up being eaten by Shaun and I. heehee. Even though, we shouldn't be eating it all either. When you go up to a house and they tell Max to take more, it cracks me up! It's really going to the parents. AND people give out all the good kind of candy now. Remember when we were younger and you would get all sorts of "not so good" candy. Max had all the "good stuff," even some FULL sized candy bars.

Max had some wire lined wings that flared out. He wouldn't wear them. I took the wire out and used velcro to put the wings on. He still ended up ripping them off.
He also has a dragon mask, which I now wear to chase him around the house with, flapping my arms and making all sorts of Dragon noises.
I used to chase him around with a stuffed Monstrous Nightmare Dragon we got before we had seen the movie. When we first watched the movie as a family, I brought it out to watch the movie with us. Max watched the movie with his arm snuggled around the dragon. It was adorable. The stuffed Dragon has become Boston's nemesis. It's hilarious! I'm going to do a post about that.

Here's Easton earlier in the day, before he turned into a Dragon. ;)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dewitt Stables Fall Festival

I loved this place. It felt real authentic, a great horse stable, with good people, and perfect for toddlers. We'll be coming again next year.

Max VERY much enjoying the bounce house.

Hay maze

Max cheating and climbing over the hay barrels. haha!

Okay, when it starts going, you need to sit down!
(barrel ride)

Beautiful horses. This is the hay ride we took over to the pumpkin patch.

Max got a pony ride, unfortunately, poor horse Pete, got a grouchy rider. This was the last thing we did and by this time, Max was ready for a nap.
What a good horse Pete was.

Down at the pumpkin Patch, we got some great pictures! I was so happy to get a family picture.

Max organizing the pumpkins.

LOVE this little pumpkin. Best pumpkin around. He's not for sale.

Love my guys! big and little. ;)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

6 months old

My sweet little Easton is 6 months old! He had his 6 month check up and the doctor said he looked great! He was really happy for me. I still have to put up Easton's stats from his 2 month, 4 month, and now 6 month. I've got to find them. yikes! As long as I know he's doing good. He really is my sweet angel.

We started solids and our first try was a success! The next two tries were not as successful, so I let him just play with the bowl and food. ;)

haha! funny face.

I love you my sweet Easton, thanks for bringing so much joy and love to my heart and life. Just today, as I read to you and then we laid down facing each other on the bed, and the exuberant smile and laughter coming from you as I talked to you and gently rubbed your head, cheek, tummy, and played with your hands and toes. It made me never want to forget these precious moments I have with you. I want to etch all that you are and do into my mind and never forget your sweet babyness, from your head down to your toes and everything in between..... that I cannot stop kissing. Your happy demeanor is infectious. I love you so much.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Brownie anyone?

That is, if Max doesn't eat all the batter. ;)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mirror image

Mommy and Max
(above and below)

Mommy and Easton

Mirror, mirror on the wall.............who knew I'd have TWO babies to call my own? WOW! if I only knew this before..........would have saved a lot of heartache, which now is but a distant memory, for my JOY is so grand! God knew, and blessed me with these TWO amazing boys. Thank you, I'm enjoying these mirror images. :)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Got Licorice?

Of course, you've got to wash it down with some milk.
If you don't have cookies, try some licorice and milk. ;)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Eagle eyes and Night vision

Whenever Shaun and I are driving and we need to look out for signs, directions, ext. I call him my, Mr. Eagle eyes. He has great vision and can see far better then me, even with my glasses or contacts in, which I should always have on, especially, when driving. ;)

So, where does the Night vision come in? well, that's my department. Shaun is so blind in the dark! I mean laugh out loud blind because I will be right in front of him and he wont be able to see me. It's pretty hilarious! Once I asked him to hand me something and he was holding his arms out to give it to me to the East and I was standing South! Me on the other hand, I can see great in the dark. My eyes adjust well and I'm able to walk through the house with no problem in the dark. Shaun has to turn every light on as he goes.
We make a pretty good pair, Eagle eyes and Night vision. Shaun will have my back in the day, and I'll try not to laugh so hard when he trips over something in the dark, which I can see. I guess I better give him a heads up. ;)

Friday, September 23, 2011

A whole lot of love

Wow! do I love this little guy. He has the sweetest disposition, he's a GREAT sleeper, always full of SMILES, and loves his mommy. I adore him. That's ADORE!
I'm enjoying Easton so much, because I've seen how fast time goes by with Max, I'm truly enjoying Easton being my baby. I think with Max, everything was so new and it was fun to see what he would do next. Now, I don't even think about what's next. I'm just enjoying him being my baby.
He gets kiss attacked daily by me. I can't help it. He's so ADORABLE.
He's easy to please and loves when I talk to him. He gets so excited and giggles. Awe....the joy of it! I mean laugh out loud giggles. the best.
Before Easton I would wonder, will I really love another child like I do Max?
The absolute YES!
I love you my sweet Easton. I will always love you.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Picture LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!!

EASTON- (7 weeks old)

MAX- (26 months old)

BROTHERS (forever)

These last two crack me up! Max the giant(above) and then Max the pillow(below)
quick story about Max the giant. (wink) When we first brought Easton home, I would have to really overlap the taps on his diaper to cover that cute little bum. Because I changed Easton a lot more then Max, I would end up pulling Max's diaper taps too far over on one side (out of habit) and for the first little while, one of Max's bum cheeks would always be hanging out. It's a fun memory of when we first brought Easton home.

Lean on me brother.

I have so many things I want to say and express with each of these pictures. I absolutely LOVE them. I just don't have time to comment on each one. I would never get this post up trying to express in words how much each of these photos mean to me. AND these aren't even ALL of the photos I got with this photo shoot. Thanks Kapri for such great pictures! WOW!!
Unfortunately, not too many pictures of Max. He wasn't in picture mood. We still got some really great ones, that I LOVE, like for one, the boxing gloves! (enter laughter.)
So many overwhelmingly precious pictures of Easton. wow! do I love that little guy.
Now, which ones do I blow up? Too many great options. I'm seeing a whole picture wall from ceiling to floor on this. ;)
Boy oh Boy! I love these boys!