Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dewitt Stables Fall Festival

I loved this place. It felt real authentic, a great horse stable, with good people, and perfect for toddlers. We'll be coming again next year.

Max VERY much enjoying the bounce house.

Hay maze

Max cheating and climbing over the hay barrels. haha!

Okay, when it starts going, you need to sit down!
(barrel ride)

Beautiful horses. This is the hay ride we took over to the pumpkin patch.

Max got a pony ride, unfortunately, poor horse Pete, got a grouchy rider. This was the last thing we did and by this time, Max was ready for a nap.
What a good horse Pete was.

Down at the pumpkin Patch, we got some great pictures! I was so happy to get a family picture.

Max organizing the pumpkins.

LOVE this little pumpkin. Best pumpkin around. He's not for sale.

Love my guys! big and little. ;)


Chance's Mom said...

Hey we want to come with you to this place next year.
By the way, if the cute little non orange pumpkin does come up for sale I want to buy him:)

Chelle! said...

Aw...these pictures are simply adorable. I love the one of your whole family. What a fun adventure!