Sunday, August 16, 2009


I'm having a Sunday blogapolooza! (My new word I just made up) I put Shaun on baby patrol and I sat down to blog away! I was able to blog 7 new posts! You may have to click on the older posts button at the bottom of the blog page to read them all if you make it to the bottom.

I think I need to have more blogapolooza days. It's great to get out some pictures, thoughts, and idea's that have been whizzing around in my brain. Not everything of course, Some things need to be kept secret. Besides we don't want my brain to become completely empty.

I have learned from blogging that I need an editor! I'm horrible with grammar! Sorry about that. At the University of Phoenix where Shaun works. Family gets a 80% discount on classes. They just put into place a new English program. Wouldn't be a bad idea for me to take some classes. I know that I don't want to go back to school for English, But I could go back for something else and at least take some English classes. I do have a secret (now not so secret) desire to write a book. English classes would be a good idea.

I'm now looking into what programs they offer at U.O.P. It would be great to get my degree. I'm checking the options and seeing what would interest me the most.


I have a request. I LOVE and enjoy reading to Max. I read to him before his naps and before bedtime. I'm so into children's books and was wondering if you could share with me some authors you like or just a book that you love or your children love. It could be that it has great illustrations, great for learning, funny, or just one that you loved as a kid.

You can leave a comment or e-mail me. I would LOVE to see what books you or your child love to read. Please let me know! I'm sure others would like to know also.

I would like to share one that I recently have discovered and really enjoy. I picked up one of his books at Kohl's for their Kohl's cares for kids program.

His name is Steve Jenkins and you can go to his web site to see all of his books. He has so many that I would love to get.

I love that his books are science based with fun information, learning and great illustrations of graphic design. Check it out! You can get 3 of his books at Kohl's for $5 dollars each right now. I got all 3 of them and I really like them and enjoy reading them to Max. I now want to start collecting all his other great books.


First, You must watch this hilarious video! Click on the link below and turn up your speakers.

I must be saved from mom jeans! I need to go and actually buy new clothes. I'm so sick of not having anything to wear that fits! I'm so sick of muffin top. You know when your tummy fat oozes out over your jeans resulting in a muffin top. I mean, Where did I expect all that tummy to go that was caring a 8 pound 13 ounce baby? It goes flabby and even makes it's way all the way around to my sides and to my back! Now my shirts are too small and like to show just how many rolls I have down my sides and back.

Of course, I keep telling myself that I'm going to loose this weight so why go and spend the money on new clothes? (HA, HA,) How many times have we all probably said that? Apparently, I like to live in tomorrow, you know, where I all of a sudden have all the energy in the world to work out and all this will power not to eat all the cookies in the pantry. (note to self, Probably should get rid of the junk food.)

I have been working out in the morning but I haven't committed to eating that great. I'm hoping for the weather not to be so hot so I can go walking outside. I need help! Friends?? Please work out with me. Let's get on a plan. I need the energy! I need to feel better! I need to stay away from mom jeans!!


Max loves his tubby time!! As you can see our little super hero rubber ducky that makes sure the water is not too hot loves it too! He has a big M on his front. So I had to get him for Max.

I love washing him, snuggling him up in his towel, q-tipping his ears, rubbing lotion on him, kissing his little naked tummy, putting nice powder fresh diaper on him and then buttoning him up in his cute little pajamas.

I need to enjoy this time now because I'm sure the time will come when I will be begging him to take a shower. You know when they start to have B.O. and want to wear the same thing everyday.

Why does my baby have to grow up? The thought of hormones, girlfriends, Not cool to be hugged and kissed by your mom!

Yes, I will be enjoying every minute of this time when I can hug and kiss him all I want!!


We have this little flower bed in the front of our house. We planted some flowers and also a whole bunch of different seeds. We're experimenting and seeing what we like and what will be easy to maintain in a hot Arizona climate.

We started in April and the flowers started blooming and doing really well. In the summer heat they started to not do so well. We thought this was normal for Arizona.

There were some plants coming up that seemed to be doing really well. We waited to see what would bloom from them. Over time we started to think maybe they were weeds and no flowers were going to bloom.

Shaun started to pull them out. Low and behold, Carrots! (ha, ha) Carrots in the flower bed? We then started to think that our neighbors who had a nice garden in the backyard gave us the nice soil. It must have still had some carrot seeds in it!

We have now pulled out the carrots and our flower bed is recovering nicely. I guess will be pulling carrots from our flower bed from now on. Carrot soup anyone?





MAYBE AN ANGEL?...............A HELLS ANGEL?!!






The other morning when Shaun got up to get ready for work. (4:30am) He let the dogs outside in the backyard and then he leaves the door open to feel the nice morning air. He then proceeds to use the bathroom. Which is right next to the backdoor.

All of sudden he hears this loud buzzing sound and a beetle the size of a quarter, flying low to the ground comes whizzing into the bathroom with no other then Baxter (our golden retriever) in hot pursuit.

The beetle made it to the bathtub and Baxter was ever so slightly trying to step one paw at a time into the bathtub. He knows he gets his baths in there (which he does not like) and he uses caution when trying to get to this beetle who is trying to seek refuge in the bathtub.

When Shaun told me this story I was laughing so hard. Can a guy just pee in peace?! Better shut the door next time.

Friday, August 14, 2009


Max is 4 months old as of August 10th. We had his 4 month appointment August 11th.
Max is 27.25 inches long! That makes him OVER the 95th percentile. He is so tall!
He weighs 17 pounds 1 ounce and is in the 85th percentile. I was surprised by this because he seems so big. It must be because he's so tall.
Max has to be to bed by 8:00pm. He has been doing this for awhile now, At least a couple months. By 7:00pm he lets us know that he is ready for his nightly ritual. He becomes a total grump!
We bathe him, feed him, read to him, and then he is out by 8:00pm. This is really nice! He then sleeps until 4:00am. Most of the time. I feed him and he goes back to bed for an hour or two.
The last 3 nights he has been sleeping until 5:30am. Then he is awake and doesn't go back to sleep.
Max is a morning person! He is so happy and smiley in the morning. Mom is not so much of a morning person. I like to sleep at least until 7:00am. That would be perfect! Max does make it easier for me by being a complete charmer in those early hours.
He's been doing really well with his naps. At about 2 hours after he wakes up he has to take his morning nap. I just lay him in his bed with his Binky and he falls asleep.
Max is a great smiler. He is so easy to get to smile. You just look at him and say "Hi Max" and he gives the best smiles. But to giggle, Well that takes work! It's so funny! One day he will giggle and giggle at something and then the next day you do the same thing and he looks at you like, You've got to do better then that! I'm bored. Hilarious!
Max is a really good baby but there are times when Shaun and I look at each other and say, "We might be in trouble." When he's mad he straightens his long legs out, points his toes, arches his back, tightens his arms to his side and growls, squeals, or cries. If he's in his bouncer he arches his back and straightens his legs so sudden that he slips down and about completely falls out of his bouncer. TROUBLE!
Max is also really aware of his two dogs. He loves to stare at them. When they get close to him he squeals with excitement or smiles and starts bouncing or kicking his legs. So funny.
He also does the same thing if I blow up pictures of Shaun and I on the computer. It's so cute. He gets so excited to see our picture on the screen. I love my little guy! He's so funny and adorable.
I love everything about him! Even his hairy back! So funny! And his pouty lower lip. It's cute he pouts out his lower lip before he cries or sometimes before he smiles! It's really adorable.
He keeps you on your toes not knowing if he's about to cry or smile. I prefer smile.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


To capture a child in the moment of discovery. PRICELESS!!

I was taking pictures of Max and he was drawn to the open window.

What does he see? colors? Trees? A bird? FASCINATING.

I love being able to view the world again as if it was the first time. Even the simple things that I know are around me everyday. The leaves on the trees, Bugs, the sky.
There is so much to explore and learn. I want to take Max to the library and help him find books that will answer his questions and also help him to have more questions. I don't want to always say to him, "go outside and play," I want to say LETS go outside and play.

I see us taking paper plates and making bases around the yard. I picture us throwing baseballs and footballs. I see me moving a little slower to get a ground ball so he can make it to first base.

I see myself sitting in the audience at a play where even if Max is the tree and all he does is stand there. I will be beaming.

I see museums, fun centers, DISNEYLAND! I can't wait to see Max discovery the magic of Disneyland.
I see lots of giggles and loads of fun. I see us snuggled up to watch a movie or read a book.

I see holidays as a time to create memories, excitement, crafts, cookies, fun, love..........together.
I see him having endless fun with his two dogs. Best pals for forever!

The wonder of it all is so exciting for me. I can't wait to see what Max will love, do, see. The sky is endless, It goes on and on and I can't wait to explore the stars,planets, ocean, animals..ext. with Max.

I see so much! The Love, wonder, growth, are endless.

I hope when Max looks at me through those eyes he sees how much I love him.

So grab your bug catcher, fishing pool, baseball glove, library card, telescope, and all your questions because we have a world to explore.

I'm already over joyed with what I've been able to discover about Max everyday. That has been the best! Getting to know Max and seeing him change and grow. I love it! He is so funny!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

10 hours a week

We have now been able to get on Shaun's insurance at work. I decided that I'm done with work. Or at least drop my hours. I'm now working 20 hours a week and even that is getting to be too much.
I approached my work with the option of me cutting my hours back to 10 hours a week. I want my schedule to be 10 hours every other Saturday and then on the opposite week to work Wednesday and Thursday for 5 hours.
My boss contacted human resources to see what the minimum hours someone can work. They sent an e-mail stating that it was 20 hours. I then said that I was going to quit the end of August.
My boss really didn't want me to leave so he sent the request to his boss who is over the whole department.
He approved the hours!! I feel so thankful! How many jobs would work with you like this? It makes me feel good to still be able to keep my foot in the door at my work. I can keep up my license and bring home some extra cash.
I feel really blessed to be doing so well at work. It's the only reason my work is so willing to work with me. I can also pick up any extra hours that I might want whenever I want.
To give you an idea of why I was able to get these hours. I work for a prescription mail order service Caremark.
We in put prescriptions and process them. We have levels that you obtain. The minimum level you can be is a 4. You're based on how many prescriptions you can process an hour with out mistakes.
The highest level you can be is a level 7. We have about 70 prescription entry technicians. Out of that many people only 4-5 people are level 7. I'm the only level 7 on my team.
You can see why my boss doesn't want me to quit. I write this not to boast for myself. But to contest that I've been blessed to be able to maintain this level. Even through my In-Vitro and pregnancy I was able to maintain the highest level. I truly believe my success was obtained through hard work but also through prayer and god looking out for me.
You get paid more for reaching this level and I get to choose my hours! I really feel blessed!
I also looked on the calender and asked them if I could start my new hours August 15th. This means I will get the Saturday off for Labor Day weekend, The Saturday off for Halloween. The weekend after Thanksgiving off. and the Saturday off after Christmas!
I just cannot believe how somethings work out and then you realize how much god really is looking out for you and wants to bless you!
Another blessing is that Shaun's work said he could come in early and leave early on the days that I work Wednesday and Thursday. So I will drive to my work with Max and Shaun will meet me there and we will switch with Max.
We've been doing that now and it has really worked out great for us.
I've also wanted to blog about another amazing blessing we had. I always have so many things to blog but not enough time to do it. So Max takes up most of my blogging because really that is the most important thing! And I still don't write all the things I would like to about Max. I want Max to be able to read this later.
After Shaun and I had Max he got a week off from work. He really wasn't liking working for Merrill Lynch. You can imagine with the economy the way it is. They were looking to lay people off and Shaun was new so he was looking to be laid off.
He was looking for another job and really wanted to get on at the University of Phoenix so he could go back to school and get his masters degree and the University of Phoenix pays for you to do this.
Shaun was able to get a job with the University but was not going to start for another 3 weeks. When the week was up for Shaun to be home with Max and I. He went back to work at Merrill. That day they came to Shaun and made him an offer. They had been laying people off and we knew Shaun would be laid off soon. They said they would pay Shaun for a month if he would resign. So Shaun came home that day and he got a month off paid!!
He didn't have to start his new job for 3 weeks so he got to be home with Max and I for 3 weeks! it was an amazing blessing!
It's so crazy how things seem to work out and then you realize it's not crazy. It's our Heavenly Father looking out for us and I feel so blessed and humbled.
I'm so excited for my new schedule. What a difference it will make.
We have hard times in life but there is always good things too!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Every girls crazy about a sharp dressed baby

Max may look like his mommy.

We like him to dress like his daddy

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Flip Phone fun

Shaun and I got a flip phone. It's the coolest thing! We love it! Here are some videos we have been able to capture. Thanks to my family who gave money to buy the flip phone for a present for Max. Now we can capture great stuff like Max rolling over and a lot of random fun stuff:)

Max rolls over! 7/23/09

Below is me capturing my naughty dogs doing naughty things! Even Boston, Who usually is good and will listen and not get Max's stuff. I'm also a lot more calm in the video and made it fun. I'm usually yelling a lot more and a lot louder:) Turn up your speakers so you can hear whats going on.

The update on Max is that he does not have any bacteria. That's a good thing! So we're still trying to heal his bowels that are irritated. He's still pooping A LOT. I think it's getting better.