Sunday, August 2, 2009

Flip Phone fun

Shaun and I got a flip phone. It's the coolest thing! We love it! Here are some videos we have been able to capture. Thanks to my family who gave money to buy the flip phone for a present for Max. Now we can capture great stuff like Max rolling over and a lot of random fun stuff:)

Max rolls over! 7/23/09

Below is me capturing my naughty dogs doing naughty things! Even Boston, Who usually is good and will listen and not get Max's stuff. I'm also a lot more calm in the video and made it fun. I'm usually yelling a lot more and a lot louder:) Turn up your speakers so you can hear whats going on.

The update on Max is that he does not have any bacteria. That's a good thing! So we're still trying to heal his bowels that are irritated. He's still pooping A LOT. I think it's getting better.


Anonymous said...

He's a real kong fo fighter!!! He He (bids)

tiffy girl said...

He is SO big already! I can't believe he is already rolling over!