Sunday, August 16, 2009


The other morning when Shaun got up to get ready for work. (4:30am) He let the dogs outside in the backyard and then he leaves the door open to feel the nice morning air. He then proceeds to use the bathroom. Which is right next to the backdoor.

All of sudden he hears this loud buzzing sound and a beetle the size of a quarter, flying low to the ground comes whizzing into the bathroom with no other then Baxter (our golden retriever) in hot pursuit.

The beetle made it to the bathtub and Baxter was ever so slightly trying to step one paw at a time into the bathtub. He knows he gets his baths in there (which he does not like) and he uses caution when trying to get to this beetle who is trying to seek refuge in the bathtub.

When Shaun told me this story I was laughing so hard. Can a guy just pee in peace?! Better shut the door next time.

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Chelle! said...

Oh, this post made made me smile!!! You are great!!!