Thursday, August 13, 2009


To capture a child in the moment of discovery. PRICELESS!!

I was taking pictures of Max and he was drawn to the open window.

What does he see? colors? Trees? A bird? FASCINATING.

I love being able to view the world again as if it was the first time. Even the simple things that I know are around me everyday. The leaves on the trees, Bugs, the sky.
There is so much to explore and learn. I want to take Max to the library and help him find books that will answer his questions and also help him to have more questions. I don't want to always say to him, "go outside and play," I want to say LETS go outside and play.

I see us taking paper plates and making bases around the yard. I picture us throwing baseballs and footballs. I see me moving a little slower to get a ground ball so he can make it to first base.

I see myself sitting in the audience at a play where even if Max is the tree and all he does is stand there. I will be beaming.

I see museums, fun centers, DISNEYLAND! I can't wait to see Max discovery the magic of Disneyland.
I see lots of giggles and loads of fun. I see us snuggled up to watch a movie or read a book.

I see holidays as a time to create memories, excitement, crafts, cookies, fun, love..........together.
I see him having endless fun with his two dogs. Best pals for forever!

The wonder of it all is so exciting for me. I can't wait to see what Max will love, do, see. The sky is endless, It goes on and on and I can't wait to explore the stars,planets, ocean, animals..ext. with Max.

I see so much! The Love, wonder, growth, are endless.

I hope when Max looks at me through those eyes he sees how much I love him.

So grab your bug catcher, fishing pool, baseball glove, library card, telescope, and all your questions because we have a world to explore.

I'm already over joyed with what I've been able to discover about Max everyday. That has been the best! Getting to know Max and seeing him change and grow. I love it! He is so funny!

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Anonymous said...

oh oh when you go to disneyland can I come? (You know who bids) (when are you comeing here)