Wednesday, August 12, 2009

10 hours a week

We have now been able to get on Shaun's insurance at work. I decided that I'm done with work. Or at least drop my hours. I'm now working 20 hours a week and even that is getting to be too much.
I approached my work with the option of me cutting my hours back to 10 hours a week. I want my schedule to be 10 hours every other Saturday and then on the opposite week to work Wednesday and Thursday for 5 hours.
My boss contacted human resources to see what the minimum hours someone can work. They sent an e-mail stating that it was 20 hours. I then said that I was going to quit the end of August.
My boss really didn't want me to leave so he sent the request to his boss who is over the whole department.
He approved the hours!! I feel so thankful! How many jobs would work with you like this? It makes me feel good to still be able to keep my foot in the door at my work. I can keep up my license and bring home some extra cash.
I feel really blessed to be doing so well at work. It's the only reason my work is so willing to work with me. I can also pick up any extra hours that I might want whenever I want.
To give you an idea of why I was able to get these hours. I work for a prescription mail order service Caremark.
We in put prescriptions and process them. We have levels that you obtain. The minimum level you can be is a 4. You're based on how many prescriptions you can process an hour with out mistakes.
The highest level you can be is a level 7. We have about 70 prescription entry technicians. Out of that many people only 4-5 people are level 7. I'm the only level 7 on my team.
You can see why my boss doesn't want me to quit. I write this not to boast for myself. But to contest that I've been blessed to be able to maintain this level. Even through my In-Vitro and pregnancy I was able to maintain the highest level. I truly believe my success was obtained through hard work but also through prayer and god looking out for me.
You get paid more for reaching this level and I get to choose my hours! I really feel blessed!
I also looked on the calender and asked them if I could start my new hours August 15th. This means I will get the Saturday off for Labor Day weekend, The Saturday off for Halloween. The weekend after Thanksgiving off. and the Saturday off after Christmas!
I just cannot believe how somethings work out and then you realize how much god really is looking out for you and wants to bless you!
Another blessing is that Shaun's work said he could come in early and leave early on the days that I work Wednesday and Thursday. So I will drive to my work with Max and Shaun will meet me there and we will switch with Max.
We've been doing that now and it has really worked out great for us.
I've also wanted to blog about another amazing blessing we had. I always have so many things to blog but not enough time to do it. So Max takes up most of my blogging because really that is the most important thing! And I still don't write all the things I would like to about Max. I want Max to be able to read this later.
After Shaun and I had Max he got a week off from work. He really wasn't liking working for Merrill Lynch. You can imagine with the economy the way it is. They were looking to lay people off and Shaun was new so he was looking to be laid off.
He was looking for another job and really wanted to get on at the University of Phoenix so he could go back to school and get his masters degree and the University of Phoenix pays for you to do this.
Shaun was able to get a job with the University but was not going to start for another 3 weeks. When the week was up for Shaun to be home with Max and I. He went back to work at Merrill. That day they came to Shaun and made him an offer. They had been laying people off and we knew Shaun would be laid off soon. They said they would pay Shaun for a month if he would resign. So Shaun came home that day and he got a month off paid!!
He didn't have to start his new job for 3 weeks so he got to be home with Max and I for 3 weeks! it was an amazing blessing!
It's so crazy how things seem to work out and then you realize it's not crazy. It's our Heavenly Father looking out for us and I feel so blessed and humbled.
I'm so excited for my new schedule. What a difference it will make.
We have hard times in life but there is always good things too!


Sankat said...

That is so wonderful that you guys are being so blessed with your jobs!

Heather said...

So happy for you. What a blessing.