Monday, August 25, 2008

7 weeks and a heart beat

I had my seven week ultrasound today and it was amazing!! I got to hear and see the baby's heartbeat. Wow!! I have a little human growing inside me with it's own heartbeat!! I was so thrilled. I left the doctor's office with the biggest smile. First, I had to show everyone in the office my new picture, where you can actually see the baby! Looks like a little tic-tac.

I've got to get the pictures up so you can see the growth. I don't have to go back for 2 weeks for my next ultrasound. What? I've gotten so spoiled, I need a week by week picture. Everything looked so good that I don't need to come back until 9 weeks and then that will be my last appointment. How sad! I will miss them but keep them posted.

My ovaries are starting to look better, I'm still at risk to blow up again, But I drink a lot of water and have to have lots of protein. I think I'll be in the clear around 10 to 12 weeks.
Shaun and I are just so thrilled. I just keep saying to him, "Can you believe I have a baby in my belly?" We're both so amazed.
Shaun still gives me my progesterone oil shot every night. Whatever it takes!!
I must go and get to bed. I've never felt so tired before in my life!! My body is working hard for this baby. Keep growing!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

6 weeks, a scare, and oh yes! Nausea

My 6 week ultrasound was scheduled for today but on Monday I had a scare and had my ultrasound Monday instead. Which was exactly my 6 week mark.

I was at work and I begin bleeding/spotting. Just writing this about makes my heart stop. I completely freaked out!! I called Shaun, Who was having a nice lunch at subway until I called and told him I was spotting. He told me to go right to the doctor's office and he would meet me there.

I walked into my supervisor's office at work and said, "I have an emergency and I have to go." I was shaking the whole way to the doctor's office. praying the whole way. They took me back for a look. They could not find blood coming from anywhere. My cervix was closed the way it should and they could not see any blood spots on the ultrasound and the baby was fine!!.........I could now breath again. The baby, and mostly fluid, had more than doubled in size. I just love seeing this week by week growth. It is so cool!! really fascinating. I'll try and get the pictures up sometime, but I have to go to my sister-in-laws, Kelley, She has a scanner and she's always such a help to me.

The doctor's office said I may bleed again and to give them a call. Some women may bleed a little though out pregnancy and they may never find out where it is coming from. I just hope that does not happen to me. I don't know if my heart can handle it. I just have to stay calm and realize this can be normal. I've had no problems sense then.........except.........Nausea! Welcome to pregnancy.
The last two days my nausea has really kicked it up to high gear. I'm trying to figure out what will work for me. Shaun is running to the store now to get me some ginger ale and a whole list of things I might like, but this can change by tomorrow. The good thing is I seem to really want mostly good things like, Peaches, raspberries, watermelon. Yummy!!
I'm at my worst in the morning to about 3:00pm. Right in the middle of work, How pleasant.
I just keep reminding myself that it means I'm pregnant!! So I'll take all this extreme tiredness/fatigue, Nausea, and moodiness.
Shaun has been an amazing help. He's pretty much running the house. I seem to be stuck on the couch, exhausted!! It's good to have a great partner.
I need to go get ready for bed, because I need all the sleep I can get!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Surprise!! We only have one baby. Sounds funny huh? Most people are surprised to have twins. Shaun and I were surprised to have one. With my high numbers we all thought for sure we had twins.
One baby is great!! It takes a lot of worry away. Everything looked good at my ultrasound. It had a yoke sack and it was nice and implanted in my uterine cavity. All you can see for now is the fluid they are in. I'll try and down load the ultrasound picture. I love being able to see and to know, This is for real! I have one picture hanging on the fridge and another picture in my purse. I keep looking at them so I don't have to pinch myself to see if this dream is really true.

I'll keep having ultrasounds every week with the fertility center and then I think at about 8 weeks they turn me over to my ob-gyn. I wish I could continue with the fertility center. You get to know everyone really well and they know you really well, and I mean reeeaalllly well. I think they owe me a couple lobster dinners by now. (Ha, Ha)

I'm now 5 weeks and 2 days pregnant. 1 month down and 8 more to go. My due date is April 11th. Which I think is perfect. It gets way too hot in the summer time in Arizona. So I'll beat being pregnant in this awful heat. Wonderful!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Still pregnant!

I went to the doctor on Thursday for a blood test. They want to test your blood every 2 to 3 days to make sure your HCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin levels are doubling. This is what is found in your urine or blood that tells you are pregnant.
In general, the HCG level will double every 2-3 days in early pregnancy.
85% of normal pregnancies will have the HCG level double every 72 hours.
HCG levels peak at about 8-10 weeks of pregnancy and then decline, remaining at lower levels for the rest of the pregnancy.

My first number on Tuesday was 164, My number for Thursday was 400 and something. I forgot the exact number (I can't believe I forgot with all this excitement) When I went into the doctor's office today I asked if I was having twins with such high numbers. She said, "With numbers this high it usually is twins!!" Now I'm trying not to get myself all worked up but today they called me back and told me my numbers where 2095!! I was ready for an ultrasound this Wednesday!! They told us Thursday that the ultrasound would be in about 10 days. But I have reached the 1000 mark, or double that, so we get an ultrasound this Wednesday! I'm so excited I can hardly stand to wait. I want to know if we're having twins or not.

I think twins would be so cool, but also really hard in a lot of ways. I just would worry about them being healthy and not coming to pre-mature. But, It would be so amazing to have two!

I need to start planning now for my whole life to change. Again, Thanks for all your prayers! I'll let you know Wednesday what the news is.

This miracle of pregnancy is the coolest thing in the world. To feel and to know all the changes going on in my body truly fasinates me every day.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I'm pregnant!! It's true!!

What?? Me? Finally pregnant! Finally a positive! Yes! Yes! Yes! Thank you to all for your thoughts and prayers! We only had a 15% chance but with god he can make up the 85%. I'm so thankful!
I went into my doctor's office yesterday at 9:00am for my blood test to see if I was pregnant. I was so nerved up! They drew my blood and said they would call me about 1:00pm. What! I had to deal with these nerves until then? I thought I would not even dare to answer the phone.
It was about 10:30am and I get a call. I look on the caller id and it is my doctor's office. I just stared at it and said to Shaun and my mom, "It's the doctor's office." I just stared at it and Shaun and my mom said, "Answer it."
When the nurse said, "You are pregnant," I think I just went into shock. My eyes filled with tears and she was trying to tell me what I needed to do for now and I need to be seen in two days. I just said, "Here's my husband, tell him." I could not even think or listen to anything. I was just freaking out!! I just starting saying it was worth it! Finally, it was all worth it!!
Shaun and my mom were so happy. We were all just thrilled. I was on cloud nine and I have not come down yet. I had to have Shaun call all of his family and my mom call all of my family. I could not even talk, I was just too excited!!
Thank you to all of you for your support and prayers! My blog was having a bit of a problem and was not posting my comments or telling me that my blog list was being updated. It just froze. I hope it is working now.
The next step is to see if both embryo's implanted. We might be having twins!!
I'm pregnant!!!!!!!! Can you just see the smile on my face!!!!! Yippppppppeeeeee!!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

I'm so glad my mom is here!

I'm so happy to have my mom here with me. She has always been such a great example to me. I love her and think she is the best mom in the world! She just knew that I needed her and she was on a plane out to be with me.

Where do I begin?

Last Friday was transfer time. Out of the 4 embryo's that we had, two of them stopped growing and where below a level 2. They do not transfer embryo's that are 3 or 4. We got information that my eggs were not good. The embryo's were growing too slow and had not made it to level 1 yet. The remaining two embryo's were a level 2. So this means that are 40% chance of conceiving just went down to only 15%. I was completely heartbroken.
They transferred the 2 embryo's and the transfer itself was flawless. It was really cool to see. I had to lay down with my eyes closed, but after they were put in I could see the ultrasound and you could just see 2 bright circles. It really was amazing to see that they could be potential children. it really is touching to see these things and experience. It just brings a special spirit of what an amazing god we have, and what amazing people we all are to him. We are all his children and he loves us.
Through this process I have not always felt that way. I have questioned god a lot. Why would he do this to me? Does he not care about me? Of course he does! He sees the whole picture. He wants us to trust him and have faith WITH hope. Through these hard times we gain compassion for others, because everyone goes through hard times and we need to be aware of them and show are love for them. The Lord works through us to help those around us. I hope we can always have a listening heart to what others might need. Let them know they are not alone.

At transfer my doctor could see that my belly had really swollen up, so to prevent me from hypo ovarian syndrome (ohss) She gave me an albumin drip and some Versed and sucked some fluid out.
I continued to feel lousy and my belly really was swelling! I was extremely uncomfortable. I had an appointment on Sunday so they could make sure everything was ok, and to give me the albumin drip again. At this point I was really suffering. I could hardly breath. I had gained 11 pounds!! Yes, 11 pounds in a week. So at my appointment on Sunday she did an ultrasound and I was full of fluid. It was even surrounding my liver and lungs! Not a good thing. My blood was really thick and things were not being circulated or flushed out. So they had to admit me straight to the hospital. I was given Demerol. Yeah!! The only problem was I was so sleepy and they just do not leave you alone at the hospital! Could a girl just get some sleep!! Everyone was really wonderful and treated me very well. I had to have daily measurements of my stomach. I was on stricked input, output. Record everything I drink and everything that comes out. I had to be weighed daily, My blood drawn twice a day, and I had an albumin drip every 6 hours.
I'm happy to say I'm out of the hospital and doing well. The 11 pounds are gone and I can breath again.
The big day for the pregnancy test in the office is Tuesday, August 5th. scary!! My mom flew in to be with me last night. Mom's are the best!! Having her here really means a lot to me.
Shaun and I are hoping for the best and trying to prepare ourselves for the worst.
With my awesome husbands help I know that Shaun and I will have children some day. Maybe they will not come through us and we will adopt. They will be ours, and we will be thankful to God for trusting us with there special spirits. No matter how they come into home and our hearts.