Sunday, January 31, 2010

The biggest loser

I've been failing and I hate it. I can't seem to get myself back into my fitness goals. I feel so tired all the time. Everyday I say I'm going to get back into working out and eating well. It's just not happening.
Once I've eaten one cookie or treat. I think I've failed today so why not just go all out and eat even worse. I mean, Really bad. I must get back on track. I want to feel good. I want to be healthy. I want to make exercise and eating right a life long goal. Not just to lose weight.
I have to find a happy medium. I'm either eating really healthy and working out, Or I'm eating anything and everything in sight.
I must get back on track. I want to feel good. I need to go to the doctor. Something is off. I'm just too weak and tired all the time. It's not normal. I want to check and make sure my levels are where they should be. I want to feel good! Things have got to change. I can do this!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dress for success

They say you're supposed to dress for the job you want. Well, I went to Target the other day to buy some new dresses. I picked some that I liked and headed for the dressing room.
When I put the dresses on. They ended up being too short or not to my liking. So, I went back out to find some that were longer. I wanted to be able to sit in them and cross my legs. Without, Showing everyone all my goods.
I headed back to the dressing room. I found a dress I liked. (the dress in the picture to the left)
I also squeezed on another cute dress. Only to discover that it was so tight in the breast area. Which is weird because it's not like I have big breast. I was horrified to find that I could not get the dress off! I started to panic and thought they were going to have to cut me out of this dress. I struggled in the dressing room for about 10 frantic minutes. I finally got the death trap off! I mean, It wasn't like I was trying to squeeze into a smaller size. It was my regular size. I think it was mis-labeled. It felt like a size zero in the chest area. I'm just glad I got the stupid thing off me!
I have been guilty of seeing some pants and looking at them thinking that they looked really big and I should have no trouble fitting into them. Only to get into the dressing room to find that I can't even get them up past my thighs! That's the worst!
Anyways, I ended up only buying one dress. (the dress in the picture) I wore it to church and I felt really good in it. It's nice to have something new to wear. When I got home and went to hang it back up in my closet. I saw the label on the dress. MATERNITY! I guess I wasn't paying attention in the store. I was just glad to find something that was long enough. apparently, Only pregnant women need to wear long dresses. I still like the dress and it now explains why I was asking Shaun if he thought the dress was a little too puffy in the belly area! HAHA!
I now just say, I'm trying to dress for the job I be pregnant again! I've got to have another little angel! Some how some way! Max is the greatest joy for Shaun and I. He must have a little brother or sister. I'm now dressed for success!! I'm dressing for the job I want. :)
Because the stork has forgotten where we live. Although, I like to say that it's the Easter bunny that brings babies. Because, Max was born on good Friday before Easter weekend. :) We were in the hospital for Easter.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

9 month check-up

Max is still over the 95% for height. He only grew 1/2 an inch since his 6 month check-up. He was way over the 95% then. The doctor showed me the growing curve. The 95% has a blue line and then way above it, Is a dot for Max. :) Now his dot has gone down closer to the 95% blue line. He's so tall.
He is 75% for weight. He must be thinning out with all the moving around he does.
The doctor did inform me that Max had a slight heart murmur. He heard it when Max was first born. Then he never heard it again. Until this last appointment. He said it could be because Max was not feeling well. He had a cold. He told me that he hears these things all the time and it's really nothing to be worried about. But, Because Max is over 9 months old and the doctor heard it again. I could take him to a cardiologist. Just to make sure. Or, I could wait and see if the doctor hears it again at Max's 12 month appointment.
My doctor said he didn't want me to worry about it. Him telling me to go and see a cardiologist was more "textbook" then anything to be really concerned about. I'm not sure what I want to do about it. I really trust my doctor. If he says not to worry about it. Then I'm really not too worried about it. I think I might just go to the cardiologist just in case.
Max is now walking along furniture. He's fully mastered crawling. He tries to out crawl me when I come to get him away from whatever he's not supposed to be getting into.
It's really funny when he hears me coming and he either tries to crawl away as fast as he can. Or, He tries to squeeze onto whatever he's not supposed to be playing with and get every last amount of play time with it before I come and take it away. It's really hilarious! He'll go all spazzy on the thing.
He's also discovered how to push doors open. He tries to free the dogs out of their "penalty box" (Shaun's office) all the time. Good thing it has a latch at the top of the door. I have to lock it now.
He's also learned how to slide things out of his way. If I wanted to keep him in the living room. I would put his play pen by the chair and block him in. Then he learned how to slide his play pen over and squeeze through the opening. I know have to block the other end of the play pen so he can't slide it over.
I love watching him learn and grow. It's so fun to see him getting smarter and figuring things out. Even if it makes more work for me.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Yard Sale find

Shaun and I were out for a walk in our neighborhood. When we came across some neighbors having a yard sale. They had a bunch of boys shoes for 3 dollars. She said I could have them for 1 dollar! Are you kidding me?! I got 12 great shoes for 12 dollars! SCORE! They are super cute and adorable! I love them! They are really nice shoes! From size 5 to 7.

Now combine them with all the shoes my sister Tara gave me from her son Thomas

sneakers, dress shoes, sandels, swim shoes, even cowboy boots! Max is all set with such cute shoes! I can hardly stand all this cuteness!

Max is now a size 4. He'll be all set with shoes for up to size 7. Yay!!
I need to go check out more yard sales!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Phrase of the week

Sometimes, After Shaun has exhausted all his efforts to feed Max, Or to get him to go to sleep. I've rescued him and Max will guzzle down the food right away, Or I'm able to get him to sleep easily.
So, The other day after an attempt by Shaun to feed Max a bottle before he went to bed. With no success. I took Max and he begun drinking the milk right away. With no problems.
"What are you? The Max whisperer." Said Shaun. I burst out laughing. The Max whisperer! Not the horse whisperer, Not the dog whisperer, But..........The Max whisperer!
Shaun is an amazing daddy. But, I guess sometimes you just need the Max whisperer. :)

All though, As of late, Even the Max whisperer is having trouble! Now what are we going to do? ;)

The phrase of the week..................The Max whisperer.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I'm getting crafty. At the first Tuesday of every month. I've got a group of gal pals that are getting together to get crafty.

Yesterday, we went over to Ashley's and played around with her Cricut machine. I made the card to the left for Shaun. The possibilities are endless with the Cricut. That's how I made the word Love and the S, M, A, for Shaun, Max and Ammie. I've got to save up and find a way to get me one!

Ashley even had lunch for us. Asian chicken salad. Yummy! It's so fun to get together and make stuff. It's also fun for are little ones. We all have little kids. They get to have fun playing together. It's a great time for Max and I.

Next month I'm hosting it at my house. I've got to come up with a fun crafty/project for us to do. I'm so excited to get some fun projects/crafts done. I'm looking forward to next month. Thanks my fellow crafty gal pals!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Family Photos

On New Year's Day. I decided that we MUST go out and take some family photos. As soon as Max woke up from his afternoon nap. We headed out to take the pictures. My brother in law Thom let us borrow his really nice camera lens. I'm so happy we did this! I think the pictures turned out really nice.
I love how we were able to capture Max's little personality. :)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year's Eve

This is where Shaun and I spent New Year's Eve. On the couch.

In our pajamas

Not in sexy, silk, and overly cheesy matching pajamas

Maybe in head to toe matching leopard print?
We went for the more traditional. I had on my comfy striped flannel pajamas and Shaun had a T-shirt with his flannel pajama bottoms. They did not match. ;)
We watched a movie and ate popcorn.

I turned to Shaun and said, "When did we become so lame?" The last couple years we have been going over to our neighbors party. I just couldn't justify keeping Max up or waking him up to go over to the party at 10:30pm. So......we snuggled up on a comfy couch in our comfy pajamas, with popcorn, and watched a movie. While Max was sound asleep in his bed.
I then decided that being "lame" wasn't so bad. ;)
I told Shaun that when Max gets older. We had to party and make it super fun for him and for us. Until then? We might just continue to be...........lame. ;) HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here's to many more "lame" and "partying" Years together. :) :) :)