Saturday, January 9, 2010

Phrase of the week

Sometimes, After Shaun has exhausted all his efforts to feed Max, Or to get him to go to sleep. I've rescued him and Max will guzzle down the food right away, Or I'm able to get him to sleep easily.
So, The other day after an attempt by Shaun to feed Max a bottle before he went to bed. With no success. I took Max and he begun drinking the milk right away. With no problems.
"What are you? The Max whisperer." Said Shaun. I burst out laughing. The Max whisperer! Not the horse whisperer, Not the dog whisperer, But..........The Max whisperer!
Shaun is an amazing daddy. But, I guess sometimes you just need the Max whisperer. :)

All though, As of late, Even the Max whisperer is having trouble! Now what are we going to do? ;)

The phrase of the week..................The Max whisperer.

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Chance's Mom said...

Haa haa haa! Tell Shaun to call my hubby if he feels down. My hubby is a spectacular dad, but he has been heard to say things like,"What, you don't like daddy? Mom comes and NOW your fine?"