Monday, January 11, 2010

Yard Sale find

Shaun and I were out for a walk in our neighborhood. When we came across some neighbors having a yard sale. They had a bunch of boys shoes for 3 dollars. She said I could have them for 1 dollar! Are you kidding me?! I got 12 great shoes for 12 dollars! SCORE! They are super cute and adorable! I love them! They are really nice shoes! From size 5 to 7.

Now combine them with all the shoes my sister Tara gave me from her son Thomas

sneakers, dress shoes, sandels, swim shoes, even cowboy boots! Max is all set with such cute shoes! I can hardly stand all this cuteness!

Max is now a size 4. He'll be all set with shoes for up to size 7. Yay!!
I need to go check out more yard sales!

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br_oden said...

That is awesome!! I remember thinking I couldnt believe how fast kyle's feet grew! He is now is a size 9! Wow!!