Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I'm getting crafty. At the first Tuesday of every month. I've got a group of gal pals that are getting together to get crafty.

Yesterday, we went over to Ashley's and played around with her Cricut machine. I made the card to the left for Shaun. The possibilities are endless with the Cricut. That's how I made the word Love and the S, M, A, for Shaun, Max and Ammie. I've got to save up and find a way to get me one!

Ashley even had lunch for us. Asian chicken salad. Yummy! It's so fun to get together and make stuff. It's also fun for are little ones. We all have little kids. They get to have fun playing together. It's a great time for Max and I.

Next month I'm hosting it at my house. I've got to come up with a fun crafty/project for us to do. I'm so excited to get some fun projects/crafts done. I'm looking forward to next month. Thanks my fellow crafty gal pals!


Sankat said...

That's so fun! You did a great job.

Garth & Ashley Pedersen said...

It was so fun! And yours and Ashley's card turned out so cute. You are welcome any time to come use the cricut til you get one! Can't wait til next month!

Chance's Mom said...

Very cute card!