Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dress for success

They say you're supposed to dress for the job you want. Well, I went to Target the other day to buy some new dresses. I picked some that I liked and headed for the dressing room.
When I put the dresses on. They ended up being too short or not to my liking. So, I went back out to find some that were longer. I wanted to be able to sit in them and cross my legs. Without, Showing everyone all my goods.
I headed back to the dressing room. I found a dress I liked. (the dress in the picture to the left)
I also squeezed on another cute dress. Only to discover that it was so tight in the breast area. Which is weird because it's not like I have big breast. I was horrified to find that I could not get the dress off! I started to panic and thought they were going to have to cut me out of this dress. I struggled in the dressing room for about 10 frantic minutes. I finally got the death trap off! I mean, It wasn't like I was trying to squeeze into a smaller size. It was my regular size. I think it was mis-labeled. It felt like a size zero in the chest area. I'm just glad I got the stupid thing off me!
I have been guilty of seeing some pants and looking at them thinking that they looked really big and I should have no trouble fitting into them. Only to get into the dressing room to find that I can't even get them up past my thighs! That's the worst!
Anyways, I ended up only buying one dress. (the dress in the picture) I wore it to church and I felt really good in it. It's nice to have something new to wear. When I got home and went to hang it back up in my closet. I saw the label on the dress. MATERNITY! I guess I wasn't paying attention in the store. I was just glad to find something that was long enough. apparently, Only pregnant women need to wear long dresses. I still like the dress and it now explains why I was asking Shaun if he thought the dress was a little too puffy in the belly area! HAHA!
I now just say, I'm trying to dress for the job I be pregnant again! I've got to have another little angel! Some how some way! Max is the greatest joy for Shaun and I. He must have a little brother or sister. I'm now dressed for success!! I'm dressing for the job I want. :)
Because the stork has forgotten where we live. Although, I like to say that it's the Easter bunny that brings babies. Because, Max was born on good Friday before Easter weekend. :) We were in the hospital for Easter.


Garth & Ashley Pedersen said...

Well the dress was way cute on you on Sunday. I meant to tell you but was in a hurry... and I've found that the only dresses that are long enough for me are maternity ones haha I even wore one on Sunday too... added a sweater so it wouldn't look to weird. :)

Chance's Mom said...

What a great idea...dressing in maternity clothes so you can get pregnant! :)Here's to your "dressing for success!
Max is a little angel and his little cousin over here would love to play with him:)