Tuesday, August 21, 2012

We've got a Linus

My baby loves his Blankie

Not just any Blankie, but the four blankets I got from some friends. I'm forgetting the Brand as of right now, but they are the best blankets! Super light weight and soft. 

Easton loves the feel of these blankets. When I put him in his bed, he has to have his blanket snuggeled up to his face. It's his little "snuggy" and soothes him to go to sleep. He loves to bury his face in it, or it has to be touching his face. It's so adorable!
There is something so touching and sweet about it. It makes me feel good that he has something to snuggle and comfort him through the night. 

Tired boy, rubbing his face in his blankie. 

This kid is too cute for words. For real! He's my sweet little buddy who is becoming quite the comedian. Even when he was small, I would be in the bathroom doing my make up and all of a sudden a little smiling head would peak in from the side of the door frame and then back out, then peak in, and back out again. It was the cutest thing and would always make me laugh! 
I remember I couldn't believe how small he was and he was playing peek and boo and trying to make me laugh. I love this kid!