Friday, September 23, 2011

A whole lot of love

Wow! do I love this little guy. He has the sweetest disposition, he's a GREAT sleeper, always full of SMILES, and loves his mommy. I adore him. That's ADORE!
I'm enjoying Easton so much, because I've seen how fast time goes by with Max, I'm truly enjoying Easton being my baby. I think with Max, everything was so new and it was fun to see what he would do next. Now, I don't even think about what's next. I'm just enjoying him being my baby.
He gets kiss attacked daily by me. I can't help it. He's so ADORABLE.
He's easy to please and loves when I talk to him. He gets so excited and giggles. Awe....the joy of it! I mean laugh out loud giggles. the best.
Before Easton I would wonder, will I really love another child like I do Max?
The absolute YES!
I love you my sweet Easton. I will always love you.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Picture LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!!

EASTON- (7 weeks old)

MAX- (26 months old)

BROTHERS (forever)

These last two crack me up! Max the giant(above) and then Max the pillow(below)
quick story about Max the giant. (wink) When we first brought Easton home, I would have to really overlap the taps on his diaper to cover that cute little bum. Because I changed Easton a lot more then Max, I would end up pulling Max's diaper taps too far over on one side (out of habit) and for the first little while, one of Max's bum cheeks would always be hanging out. It's a fun memory of when we first brought Easton home.

Lean on me brother.

I have so many things I want to say and express with each of these pictures. I absolutely LOVE them. I just don't have time to comment on each one. I would never get this post up trying to express in words how much each of these photos mean to me. AND these aren't even ALL of the photos I got with this photo shoot. Thanks Kapri for such great pictures! WOW!!
Unfortunately, not too many pictures of Max. He wasn't in picture mood. We still got some really great ones, that I LOVE, like for one, the boxing gloves! (enter laughter.)
So many overwhelmingly precious pictures of Easton. wow! do I love that little guy.
Now, which ones do I blow up? Too many great options. I'm seeing a whole picture wall from ceiling to floor on this. ;)
Boy oh Boy! I love these boys!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Will I every catch up?

I'm SO behind on my blog and I'm really annoyed about it! Someday I will catch up. I have so many things I need to say, so many pictures I need to put up. sheesh! I've got to show my love for my two boys. I can't get enough of Easton, he gets smothered in my kisses all day long. I'm enjoying everything about him.
Max is getting so big and he cracks me up with the things he does and says. The way he says things in his funny little voice. Love it! Like how he says Mommy (Mahn-ME.)
I love you Max and Easton!
Finally, I get something new up. :)