Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween fun

On Friday we went to Shaun's work for trick and treating. They had a fun party for the kids. Games, booths, and candy.

Police officer by day.....

Seriously?! What a cute buns!

STOP! You're under arrest!

Then Friday night, we went to our ward trunk or treat. We were all Martians from Planet Mars(Mahers) haha! get it?

Martians by night.....

Shaun and Max had red hair. We come from the red planet. ;) I got t-shirts made with the planet Mars(Mahers) on it.

On the back of all our t-shirts had our names, letting you know we're Martians.

Ahhhhh.......being kissed by a baby Martian. It was awesome! ;)

Happy Halloween!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

A wonderful surprise!!

I'm so happy to announce that I'm pregnant!!! What?! I know, this may come as a surprise to you, as it did for me! After 5 years of infertility and then going through In-vitro, with an amazing outcome, our son Max. I discovered that I was pregnant! There was no fertility medication, no planning, no counting days, no ovulation kits. It just happened! SURPRISE!!

I've heard of this happening with other couples who had struggled with infertility. I honestly didn't think it would ever happen to us. We feel so blessed! What a miracle!! We can now say that we've got two miracle babies. :)
I'm 13 weeks today and the baby is due May 5th! I'll have to blog later with more details. I just want to get the good news out!!! YAHOO!!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bunko Murder Mystery Dinner Party

It was my turn to host Bunko. being that it's the month of October, I had to switch things up and do a Halloween inspired party. I decided to not play Bunko and have a Murder Mystery party instead.
We were to play characters who were part of a women's society in Salem, Massachusetts. Who get together every year in October in honor of the Salem witch trials of 1692.
Everyone had a character to play and all were to dress up as a witch. Someone was murdered and we had to figure out who the murderer was.
Everyone got a prize. The ladies that had the best costume or the best actress got to choose their prize first. It was a fun night! With lots of laughs.

The Halloween themed dinner table

The entry table

The fun witchy group

The prizes!

This is my amazing hubby. Being a good sport and playing the butler. What a great guy I've got! He was being so funny! He had to lose that ridiculous bow tie real quick though. haha!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

18 month check up

Max turned 18 months on Sunday! Which means, he went to nursery at church for the first time. It was awesome!! I got to sit and listen instead of roaming the halls with him. Thank you nursery leaders!

Here's Max's 18 month old stats:

height: 35 1/4 inches tall (over 95%)
What does over 95% even mean? That they just can't say he's 100% bigger than any other 18 month old? I'm sure they can't know that, so he gets over the 95%. He's a very tall boy. The doctor asked if he towers over other kids his age. I said, "yes" :) All I know is, When the doctor shows me Max's growth chart. 95% is a blue line, and above that is a dot for Max. :)
Weight: 27'3 (65%)

I took Max outside to take some pictures of him. I think they show a 18 month nicely. They don't sit still and they are too occupied with other things to look at the camera when you call their name. ;)

Distracted by an airplane in the sky

Pointing it out (he loves airplanes!)

Love this face

Here's Baxter being naughty and sitting on the coach looking out at us longingly. He looks adorable!

Pulling the hose out

I attempted to get one shot of Max actually looking at the camera. I sat him down with his ball and this is what I got.........

Not happy about being sat down! haha!

Airplane again. ;)

Monday, October 11, 2010


I got this e-mail and LOVED it! If you grew up in the 80's you will too! Have fun scrolling down and have a blast from the past. Some things I've forgotten about. It was fun to be reminded of them! Enjoy a little bit of the AWESOME 80's. ;)