Thursday, October 14, 2010

18 month check up

Max turned 18 months on Sunday! Which means, he went to nursery at church for the first time. It was awesome!! I got to sit and listen instead of roaming the halls with him. Thank you nursery leaders!

Here's Max's 18 month old stats:

height: 35 1/4 inches tall (over 95%)
What does over 95% even mean? That they just can't say he's 100% bigger than any other 18 month old? I'm sure they can't know that, so he gets over the 95%. He's a very tall boy. The doctor asked if he towers over other kids his age. I said, "yes" :) All I know is, When the doctor shows me Max's growth chart. 95% is a blue line, and above that is a dot for Max. :)
Weight: 27'3 (65%)

I took Max outside to take some pictures of him. I think they show a 18 month nicely. They don't sit still and they are too occupied with other things to look at the camera when you call their name. ;)

Distracted by an airplane in the sky

Pointing it out (he loves airplanes!)

Love this face

Here's Baxter being naughty and sitting on the coach looking out at us longingly. He looks adorable!

Pulling the hose out

I attempted to get one shot of Max actually looking at the camera. I sat him down with his ball and this is what I got.........

Not happy about being sat down! haha!

Airplane again. ;)


Anonymous said...

My baby loves airplanes too! She has a little melt down each time we drop her off at nursery but they say she recovers quickly. I guess we'll know for sure when she enters therapy later.

Chance's Mom said...

Just so you know, Anonymous is me:)