Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween fun

On Friday we went to Shaun's work for trick and treating. They had a fun party for the kids. Games, booths, and candy.

Police officer by day.....

Seriously?! What a cute buns!

STOP! You're under arrest!

Then Friday night, we went to our ward trunk or treat. We were all Martians from Planet Mars(Mahers) haha! get it?

Martians by night.....

Shaun and Max had red hair. We come from the red planet. ;) I got t-shirts made with the planet Mars(Mahers) on it.

On the back of all our t-shirts had our names, letting you know we're Martians.

Ahhhhh.......being kissed by a baby Martian. It was awesome! ;)

Happy Halloween!!

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Chance's Mom said...

So cute! Love the martians theme...we were all from Harry Potter. Hogwarts students, Mrs. McGonigal(or however you spell it), a spider, cat, and a not so scary death eater.
If I ever get pulled over, I want Max to be the arresting officer.