Saturday, March 28, 2009

No Max yet, But everything is here and ready

Max has not arrived yet but here are some pictures of his room. We're ready for his arrival! I do have matching curtains that need to be put up today and I want to hang the MAX letters over his crib. For the most part everything is ready I just have a few cosmetic stuff to finish decorated his room with.

His changing table has diapers, wipes, lotion, powder, and of course, Butt paste.

His clothes are all washed and folded in his drawers

He's got blankets, Towels, and wash cloths

Seriously!? How adorable are these socks!

Love, Love, Loving these little shoes!

He's got stuffed little friends

Shaun says this is Him and Max. So I guess I get to be the elephant!

Every boy needs a cuddly soft teddy bear

The only problem with cute shoes, socks, and snuggle soft stuffed friends is........

Scroll down if you dare!

It's the shoe, sock, and stuff animal eater!! This is Baxter and he loves to put things in his mouth and chew stuff up. He can be so naughty!

This is Boston and he listens. If I say drop it he will. But a stray sock that fell on the ground and I don't know about it. It's probably a goner.

If Baxter gets Max's stuff, This will be me!!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

So excited I might burst!

I went to see Dr. Damore today. I'm now dilated to a THREE, 70% effaced, losing my mucus plug (gross I know), and Max is WAY down low in my pelvis. He has dropped.
My doctor said things are REALLY happening and I'll probably go into labor sometime within a week!! She didn't want to jinx me but she said she doubts that she will see me for my next week appointment!! I'm so excited I can hardly stand myself.

I really need to stay calm and realize that you never know what these babies are going to do and he may like to stay in there a while.
The problem is now I have this new expectant date so if I don't go before I see my doctor for my next appointment I don't know if I can stand this anticipation that he could come at anytime! Everyday I'm going to be on cloud nine thinking today could be the day!

I know I don't want to keep carrying him so low! Every step is getting difficult. He feels like he's just going to slip right out. My pelvis, muscles, lower back are really protesting and I know my bladder has had it! Walking is getting really uncomfortable if not sometimes a little painful.

I'll just have to wait and see what happens!! This anxiety and anticipation can be so overwhelming! My mind keeps spinning with, "Do I have everything?" "Is everything ready?" "Is everything perfect?"
I want everything to be in place so all I have to worry about is taking care of Max.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

36 week check up

I had my appointment with Dr. Damore yesterday. She did the strep B test and while I was already "exposed" we decided to check me to see if anything was happening. I was excited to hear that I'm dilated! Only a one! Which really is nothing but still something! I'm also 50% effaced! It was fun to hear that even a little action was going on.
I now see Dr. Damore every week and I look forward to seeing if there is any change next week.
I thought I was really going to hate these checks but I think it's really exciting to find out any progress.
My doctor leaves it up to me if I want to be checked or not. She's really easy to talk too and takes time to listen and answer any questions you have. I've really liked her and hope she is on call when I go into labor. Cross your fingers for me.
3 and 1/2 weeks until my due date! I really hope I don't go over! Cross your fingers again for me.

Monday, March 16, 2009

What I know to be true

Last week I was at work listening to talk radio. A local guy that I really like was talking about stem cell research. During this discussion, They moved over to talk about in-vitro. I was completely shocked, angry, and felt so hurt I wanted to cry.
They basically were saying that if you weren't supposed to have kids then you can't go and "play god" as they kept putting it. WHAT?!?!

The whole conversation was to put down the process of in-vitro. Almost putting it in the same category as abortion! Everyone wants to "play god" as they kept putting it.
I didn't like the feel of their mocking talk about how we can't always get what we want. If god doesn't what us to have kids then too bad. I was crushed by what the people were insinuating about my motives to go through in-vitro. They made me feel like I was selfish and I was a bad person.

I don't think Shaun and I "played God" I think we got to "know God" through this process. I had to learn the truth to the saying by Neil A. Maxwell, "All we have to give to the father is our will." I was finally able to completely give my will to god. I had done everything I could do and I had to truly give him my will and except his will with regards to having a baby. I think I was finally able to do that after we had gone through all we had been through and were to the process of in-vitro and were waiting to find out if it worked or not. I could finally feel at peace with whatever the outcome was to be. My will would be God's will.

I have no doubt that the reason I'm pregnant now is because of God. There is not a day that goes by that I don't thank him in prayer for my little miracle Max.
I got to see the hand of God through this amazing process. It's been really hard. I've shed a lot of tears and had to go through a lot of physical, emotional, and mentally challenging things. Isn't that the point of trials? to learn and grow and hopefully turn ourselves to god and become closer to our saviour through his atoning love for us. To be able to feel closer to Heavenly Father and the savior through our hardships and trials can only make us better. Even if it may not feel that way at the time.

I have a better understanding of life. I get to be a mother and have all the challenges that go with it to only better myself. I'll learn what truly being selfless is all about.
I'm grateful for this trial. I've had my ups and downs with it. I've been upset and questioned God's love for me.

In the end I got more then I could of asked for, I got to know God. :):):)
That's a wonderful thing to know! I don't care what those people say. Going through in-vitro does not make me a bad person. It gave me Max! What a wonderful blessing!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The evolution of my belly

14 weeks

18 weeks

22 weeks

26 weeks

30 weeks

34 weeks 6 days

I know I look like I'm ready for the beach with my sun glasses on but.......I'm not trying to smuggle a beach ball! That is my real baby belly!

Mommy loves you Max

Think Saturday Night Live

"Pregnant lady in a little coat"

I thought it would be funny to put on my "pre-pregnant jacket" I can't believe I actually could zip it up! It is stretchy but to bad the bottom half of my belly would get cold.

5 more weeks to go!! I can't believe it!! At my last 2 doctor appointments everything looked good. I'm right where I need to be with measurements, weight, and blood pressure. I'm just counting down the weeks!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

I want you to know Max

Dear Max,

I wanted to write you this letter to let you know what a great dad you have. Your dad has been so great to me through out my pregnancy. He has been the main person to clean the whole house so I can relax.
This week I've come home to your dad making me all these Delicious meals. He has made Chicken Alfredo, Mushroom chicken, rice, with green beans. Yummy! He also makes sure to not only clean up all the mess but he always makes a side plate for me to take to work the next day. He also went and made me a salad at a salad bar with a special side dish of chocolate dipped strawberries. He does all this after he has already had a long day at work.

We have a big comfortable rocking chair with glider we got for you for your room. Right now we have it in the living room and we really enjoy this chair. Your dad always moves out of the chair when I come in the room so I can sit in it and be more comfortable.

In the morning he takes the little portable heater we have and puts it in the bathroom before I get up so it will be all toasty warm for me when I go in to get ready for work.

Every Saturday he wakes up in the morning and goes and gets me an Einstein bagel with strawberry cream cheese because he knows I really like them.
He always gets me what I want to eat and then he'll have whatever he can get at that particular place. He only cares that I get what I want.

He has painted your room and put in a chair rail. He was really nervous about the chair rail and didn't think he would do a good job at the cutting and putting it up. He did a fantastic job and worked really hard to make it look good. He wanted it to be perfect for you and make sure it was just the way I wanted it to look. He did a great job and I love it!
Today we're going to finish decorating and setting up your room. I can't wait to fold your cute little clothes and put them in your drawers.

Your dad has also picked up this great book

He reads this everyday and is always telling me the great things he is learning and all he wants to do is be the best dad he can be for you.

Your dad is always trying to make sure that me and you are taken care of.

In fact, Right now your dad is cleaning the whole house. He has his headphones in and is going from room to room cleaning up the house. He knows how much I need a clean house and he is doing everything he can to help me feel more relaxed.

You have a great dad!! I also know you have a mom who loves you very much and will make sure to be a great mom for you.
I just wanted to let you know some of the great things your dad has been doing and how lucky you are to have him as your dad. Your going to learn so many wonderful things from him.

Mommy and daddy love you!! I can't wait to hold you and kiss you!!


A beautiful sunny Arizona day

We have a grapefruit tree and an orange tree in our back yard. I love these trees! The oranges are the best oranges I've ever had. Delicious! Last Saturday Shaun went out to pick off all the fruit and we're going to juice them.
(to all my Arizona friends, Please let me know what you do with your fruit trees. I would love to know all the good things I could make out of this wonderful fruit)
I also would love to share!!
The orange trees have little white blossoms that are blooming right now and they smell so good. I love those blossoms.



The dogs got in on the action and Boston would run over and one at a time he would put one in his mouth and take it over to his own pile as Shaun was throwing them on the ground from up in the tree.

Boston and Baxter with their pile

Just lounging in the shade on a wonderful Arizona sunny day!
This is why I love Arizona!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Who is this cute, young, couple?

Today Shaun and I celebrate our 7 year anniversary!
Don't we look so young!
We're heading out the door to go celebrate!
Here's to 7 years and going on forever together!
I love you Shaun!