Saturday, March 28, 2009

No Max yet, But everything is here and ready

Max has not arrived yet but here are some pictures of his room. We're ready for his arrival! I do have matching curtains that need to be put up today and I want to hang the MAX letters over his crib. For the most part everything is ready I just have a few cosmetic stuff to finish decorated his room with.

His changing table has diapers, wipes, lotion, powder, and of course, Butt paste.

His clothes are all washed and folded in his drawers

He's got blankets, Towels, and wash cloths

Seriously!? How adorable are these socks!

Love, Love, Loving these little shoes!

He's got stuffed little friends

Shaun says this is Him and Max. So I guess I get to be the elephant!

Every boy needs a cuddly soft teddy bear

The only problem with cute shoes, socks, and snuggle soft stuffed friends is........

Scroll down if you dare!

It's the shoe, sock, and stuff animal eater!! This is Baxter and he loves to put things in his mouth and chew stuff up. He can be so naughty!

This is Boston and he listens. If I say drop it he will. But a stray sock that fell on the ground and I don't know about it. It's probably a goner.

If Baxter gets Max's stuff, This will be me!!!!


T and T Brunson said...
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T and T Brunson said...

OK so I got distracted while I was writing my comment so here we go again;) I really believe that you are ready but I think that you should practice that face in the mirror:P Love ya tons!!

Heather said...

The room looks adorable! I love the baby blue and chocolate brown combination. I laughed when I saw the part about your dogs. We also have two dogs (one who is very sneaky, naughty, and thinks everything is her play toy) and have wondered how that will work once we have a baby. You will have to let me know how that works out! Can't wait to see pictures of little Max!

Sankat said...

yay!!! I am glad you got everything set up!! I have never had a nursery look so cute...great job!

tiffy girl said...

cute cute nursery! love it, you guys are ready, good look when it comes to the big day! your gonna be such a great mommy!

Chelle! said...

Oh, the room is so adorable. You are the cutest mom ever!!! Oh and I love the shoes!! He is already spoiled!!!

Richins said...

I just love Max's room, so sweet. The blue and brown are adorable! I always peek at your house when I'm outside...looking for any action! ;) Hurry up Max!!!