Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fun in the tub

I've decided that food coloring is one of my most favorite things. I can do SO many fun activities with Max and food coloring.
I gave Max the squirt bottles filled with colored water. He was having so much fun squirting the sides of the tub.
I then decided to take the actual little food coloring bottles and squeeze little drops from up high and when the drops of color hit the water, I would make loud bomb noises. It was so much fun dropping little color bombs into Max's tub water.

Max loved to hurry and disperse the little color bombs.
It's pretty cool looking when the color hits the water.

Green bombs. Looks like the shark is going to go check it out.

Red bombs.

I even made a few of the color bombs hit the top of Max's head. hee, hee, giggling to myself.
Mom's need to have a little fun too. ;)

Notice the water getting darker. AND the walls all squirted up.

Okay, so now the water looks pretty gross. The best thing about this is, It's so easy to clean up! I just drained the water and turned on the shower, washing away all the color over the tub and walls, it just washes right off. Then we washed Max up, and I'd say that's a pretty awesome way to take a bath.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Because our daddy is awesome

First Father's Day with Max

First Father's Day with Easton

Father's Day card with Max's hand print and Easton's foot print.

Shaun and Easton

Max and Easton are so lucky to have such a great dad! Shaun is an AH-MAZ-ING father. He truly is loved and adored at our house! Thanks Shaun for being the best person I know and the best Daddy to Max and Easton.
I would love to say more and I could go on forever about Shaun's awesomeness, but then I would never have the time to get this post up and I wouldn't want to nauseate everyone with all the mushy details.
So, plain and simple, Shaun is awesome. :)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Learning to play together

A while ago I told Max to show Easton his animals and hopefully get Max to bond with his brother.
It was really cute how he lined them up next to Easton and would make the noises of the animal as he would stick each animal inches from Easton's face so he could see them before he lined them up next to him.

Max then put some on each side of him. I think Easton was really enjoying this. He liked to try and reach for them. Then, Max got too rough with brother and was not listening to mom, so he had to go take a time out in his room.

This is how I found Max when I went to get him out of his room. Not exactly the "time out" I was hoping for. He was having a little too much fun. I had to take his picture because it made me laugh out loud when I went into his room and found him like this.

Then again

Time to go say sorry to brother and give him a hug.

I guess Easton was not excepting the apology. ;)

Then Max figured out a great way to play with his brother. He found that when he put the animals down by Easton's feet.........

Easton would kick the animals down. Max thought this was hilarious! I guess they really can have fun playing together. :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Why so serious?

I have a couple things I want to say in this post. First, I was so excited to really capture Max's beautiful eyes! Their big, blue, and covered in these long lashes. His eyes can be very intense when he looks at you, like in the above picture.
Sometimes, when I sing to him at night before he goes to sleep, he likes to stare up into my eyes, like he's studying me and what I'm saying in the songs. He'll stare so intently into my eyes, It's like he's trying to read my thoughts. He doesn't move a muscle, just stares directly into my eyes.
Second, Max is a very serious and intense kid. Sometimes, when I'm playing with Max and trying to make him laugh or giggle, he'll be more into figuring out what I'm doing or how I'm doing it. Now, of course, he does laugh and giggle, but when he's playing or learning something new, he can be very serious about it. I'll try and take his picture and get him to look at me and smile, He'll be so intense into what he's doing, he'll just look at me like in the above picture.
He becomes so intense, which turns him into a perfectionist, which then makes him upset by any change from what he wants it to be. We've been able to work on it with him and he's getting better about it.
He has a very strong personality, which, can test me on a daily basis.
He's my very spirited child, which means he can be more intense, persistent, perceptive, sensitive, and energetic, with a strong temperament. Can you tell I've read a lot of books about it. ;)
The other night, Shaun and I had a very fun discussion about what we see in Max and his personality in the way of pros and cons, and what we thought he would be like, or good at, as he grows into an adult. It was really fun to talk about! It's fun to really try and see your child for who they are, and figure out what's the best way to raise them.
I love Max and it's been so fun to see him grow and develop and become the person that he is now. Who knows what else is to come with Max and who he is. I'm absolutely intrigued to find out.

I really wanted to get a picture of Max's beautiful face AND his face smiling. So after I was getting no where trying to get him to smile, like in the above picture, with my face behind the camera it was not working. So, I held the camera below my face and tried to get Max to laugh so I could capture the sparkle in his face when he smiles and laughs.

(notice my capital LOVE, I was so happy to really capture Max's sparkle)

serious/intense eyes

sparkling smile eyes

I love them both........absolutely beautiful.

and of course, I love that smile.

In fact, I love it all. :)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sweet angel


My sweet angel Easton.....what a joy.....he has a peace and calmness about him. I love him so much. He's now 7 weeks old (above pictures also) My heart smiles thinking about him.

In the above picture he's 4 weeks old. I took a picture of him next to my foot so you could get an idea of his size. Sweet little boy. He's grown so much in the last 3 weeks though. His shirt says, mommy loves me. It's true.

I look at these pictures and want to squeeze and kiss him. He's so adorable.

He's a perfect fit

Can't you just see the sweetness oozing from him.

The above picture is of Easton sometime in his first week. I love it with his leg like that. Just like in my tummy I'm sure. Also, notice the prominent ridge on his head. We had to take him to get an X-ray because my doctor was worried that it had fused together too tight and wouldn't move to allow brain growth because when he pushed on it, it was really solid. We had the X-ray and everything was fine. The ridge is gone now. He still has a pretty cool looking one on the back of his head still.

Cutie buns and toes! I love their little frog legs. So fun to have them snuggle like this on your chest. I love that. I also love how Easton has this little patch of longer hair on the back/bottom of his head that sticks out. When I'm holding him up on my shoulder. I can look over and see it, makes me smile every time.

I feel so blessed to have this sweet angel in our home AND I get to be his mommy. :)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Max's Birthday Party

Better late then never. Finally, the post of Max's Birthday party. We did a Noah's ark theme because the animals came TWO by TWO and Max is TWO, so we partied with animals. We were thankful that my in-laws let us have the party at their house.

I sent the above picture with the invitations.

Animal train filled with snacks and treats. Max loves these animals!

We did all the food with an "animal food theme." Here's pictures of some of the animal food we did.

LION and TIGER food


ELEPHANT food (peanuts)

For drinks we had, Crocodile swamp, Hippopotamus pool, and Polar Bear splash.

The other food we had was, Duck food (bread) Mouse food (cheese) Rabbit food (salad) Gorilla food (chips) and Bear food (Swedish FISH)

We watched a video I made of pictures with music of Max's second year and then we opened presents.

It turned out that Shaun and cousins opened the presents, because Max wanted to play and run around. You can see him in the background playing. haha!

Time for some animal cupcakes!

I guess Max wanted to feed the animals on his shirt some cupcakes too. I made his shirt by putting iron on animals TWO by TWO, front and back, with a Tiger on each sleeve.

Thanks to our families who could come and celebrate with us!

Because I was pregnant and hurt my back, I didn't do ALL the things I wanted to do for the party, more with the theme, games, decorations, ext. Probably, a good thing. I tend to want to go overboard with it. I know it's not needed, but it's so fun to do!
I love to celebrate their, I say their now, because I have TWO little lives to celebrate for! Kids deserve a FUN day. When you get older, your birthday seems to become more boring. ;)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Doggie paddle pull

Just another reason why Boston is awesome. You throw him his ball and Max gets a fun ride around the pool.

He can even pull two

He's even fun to ride bare back, doggie surfing

Soon enough Easton, you can be doggie pulled.

Max and Easton are lucky boys to have such a great dog. I told Shaun how hard it's going to be for the boys when Boston dies. I know their going to have so many fun times and great memories with him. He's a great dog for these boys.
Shaun said, "It will be hard on the boys when Boston dies, but it will be the hardest on you."
Then I laughed and said, "you're absolutely right, I'll be bawling for months."
Shaun said, "years."
It's true, Boston isn't just great for Max and Easton, he's great for this gal/mommy too. :)