Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fun in the tub

I've decided that food coloring is one of my most favorite things. I can do SO many fun activities with Max and food coloring.
I gave Max the squirt bottles filled with colored water. He was having so much fun squirting the sides of the tub.
I then decided to take the actual little food coloring bottles and squeeze little drops from up high and when the drops of color hit the water, I would make loud bomb noises. It was so much fun dropping little color bombs into Max's tub water.

Max loved to hurry and disperse the little color bombs.
It's pretty cool looking when the color hits the water.

Green bombs. Looks like the shark is going to go check it out.

Red bombs.

I even made a few of the color bombs hit the top of Max's head. hee, hee, giggling to myself.
Mom's need to have a little fun too. ;)

Notice the water getting darker. AND the walls all squirted up.

Okay, so now the water looks pretty gross. The best thing about this is, It's so easy to clean up! I just drained the water and turned on the shower, washing away all the color over the tub and walls, it just washes right off. Then we washed Max up, and I'd say that's a pretty awesome way to take a bath.


Sankat said...

You're so cleaver! What a great mom!

Chance's Mom said...

I want to have tubby time over at your house now!