Sunday, July 3, 2011

Easton's blessing

We blessed Easton Sunday June 26th. As you can see in the pictures above, he was dressed for the occasion. Might I also add, he looks SUPER adorable. which really isn't hard for him to do because he IS super ADORABLE. I love this sweet little guy. He's a very mild tempered baby, the sweetest. He's wearing the same outfit that Max was blessed in and he was also blessed with the blanket my grandma Prescott made before she died. It's a very special blanket.

The happy parents.

The big brother

Maher brothers
Tim, Shaun, Thom, and Rick who was "five minutes" away, which means he was late and missed being in the picture. ;)

My Dad, Mom, and niece Natalia (aka Talia or bids) It was so wonderful to have them come down from Utah for the special occasion. We love when they come visit!

My dad, who by the way, Easton is named after with his middle name being Kent.
My dad is awesome.

Andrew, Katee, and Gehrig

Papa Maher (Dickie)

Grandma Maher (Marge) loving on Easton

I love this picture of my brother being a goof ball. haha! love my brother Drew.

Bishop Moffit

This is Tyler Tryon, who was so wonderful in helping me when I hurt my back while I was pregnant. He would come and pick up Max and watch him for me so I could rest my back. What a wonderful person. Such a great blessing that was for me. I knew Max was having a great time at his house with his boys.

I love my family of four. I'm not loving my sweaty, flat hair though. I do love the three boys in the picture, they always look good. :)

beautiful Kelley, me, and my little cute stuff.

The kids having fun playing in Max's room. I love Beauwin's big smile in this picture.

Gehrig (who will probably be aka as "big rig")
I think I might just start that up.

lovely ladies

Sailor (the doll)

We all love you Easton!
It's hard to put into words how much you mean to me and how blessed I feel to be your mom.
I hope you will always know that I love you. I love getting to know you and having you get to know me. It makes my heart swell that you get so excited when I talk to you and you give me those big happy smiles. You are an absolute joy and precious in every way.


Chance's Mom said...

What a cutie little Easton is! It is so awesome to be a mom huh?

Sankat said...

He is SO cute!!!

I didn't know the Brother Moffit is now BISHOP Moffit...crazy how things change.

Kelley M. said...

Amm!! the pictures came out great!! i would love if you could send me the one of you, me & sweet boy, Easton - that's a framer!! thanks for involving us in the real *special* moments.

love you,
kel xo