Thursday, July 7, 2011

eyes to the skies

We've got a great view out our front window for spotting airplanes flying into Phoenix. There's never a shortage of planes flying by. Sitting at this window has become one of Max's favorite things to do. He does this several times a day.
When he sees an airplane flying by he gasps and then yells, "planes!" or "their it is!" pointing to the sky, then he adds, "cool."

It's so fun to sit and look out to our right, off into the distance, waiting for the moment a plane will fly into our view. Then we get to watch it continue it's flight path across the sky in front of us from our window.

Once a plane has gone by and we have a little break from seeing the next one, Max will yell, "Uh oh!" with a very distressed look on his face, "no planes, uh oh!" or "Oh no!" I think doing this might be as fun for him as seeing the planes. He gets all dramatic about it.

He loves airplanes and is always on the look out for them wherever we go. We'll be driving in the car and a very excited yell will come from the back seat, "Planes!"

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Chance's Mom said...

I'm telling ya, he needs to get together with his cousin so they can scout out planes together!
During the parent tot swim class, while all of the other kids are busy splashing along, my tot and I stop to honor each and every plane that flies overhead during lessons. I love it.