Sunday, June 28, 2009


It was a dark and dreary night (not really but it goes better with my horror story)
I let the dogs outside in the backyard. When I went to let them back in the house I was unaware that Baxter had brought in a little haunting surprise. I turn to walk back through the house and I find this upside down with it's disgusting legs kicking in the air.


Baxter attempts to keep putting it in his mouth and then he spits it out again. Jumping around and playing with this beetle. I was horrified!! I scream for Shaun and think I might just throw-up. I can hear crunching noises as Baxter tosses this thing about in his mouth. EW!! EW!!EW!!

Shaun runs to my aid only to start playing and encouraging the dogs to keep attacking the thing. He kept saying, "Go get it boy!" The beetle starts walking a little lopsided from being tossed about inside Baxter's mouth.
I scream for Shaun to stop encouraging the dogs to keep trying to put this thing in their mouths and then spiting it out because of it's flailing legs pricking them. GROSS!!!!! I also didn't know if this thing was poisonous or not. I've never seen a beetle this big and disgusting unless it had a pin stuck in it and it was dead at a museum. I thought those beetles were gross until I got to see this ALIVE one. That's gross!

Shaun flushes it down the toilet and I tell him to keep checking the toilet to make sure it didn't climb back up. The thing was huge!! At least 3 to 4 inches long. EW!! EW!! EW!!

I then look up Arizona Beetles to see if I could find out what this disgusting thing was. I found that it's a Palo Verde beetle. They are harmless (thank goodness) Just really scary looking.
They bury themselves down in the ground and eat off the roots of trees. Especially Palo Verde trees, hence the name.
They come out in the summer months. GROSS!! I guess I need to check my trees because they say they feed on distressed trees. I know I have a big tree that is dying. We need to take care of it. I CANNOT have big gross beetles roaming free in my backyard.
Although they wouldn't last long with Baxter on the prowl.

I spent the rest of the night being haunted by thoughts that the beetle was going to rise out of it's watery grave "The toilet" and crawl into bed with me. It makes the hairs all over my body stand up. I hate big gross bugs! I'm going to have to get used to bugs because I'm sure Max is going to surprise me with some disgusting creatures. I then will have to not be so horrified and help him discover and learn about the world around him, Even creepy crawlers. Unless, it's a spider and all bets are off!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Meeting the Browns

Shaun's sister Linda and her kids came from Utah for a visit. Max got to meet them for the first time.

Sarah, Jessica, Ben, Josh, and Linda

I love this picture.
one big boy with one little girl.

Playing hockey with the dogs in the kitchen.
Shaun loves playing keep away with the dogs.

Baxter showing everyone how naughty he is. He's trying to get Max's binky. Grrrr!
Look at Shaun's face in the picture. Too funny!

Samantha was also with us. She lives close by in Arizona.
Max loves his cousin Samantha. She moved here from New Hampshire.

It's great to have cousins!!

I hate to say goodbye

Jared, Brittany, Tara, Ashley, and Thomas
My sister and her family moved to Utah this week. I'm really sad about it. It's even worse now that I have Max. I want Max to be with his cousins. They are so sweet and good with him. We miss you already!

We miss Aunt Tara making us smile

We miss snuggle time with Brittany

We miss sleepovers

We miss the opportunity to go four wheeling with uncle Jared

We miss getting lots of hugs

We miss being a little buddy

We love you Silver family!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Wow! I can't believe Michael Jackson died today. I also can't believe how sad I feel about it. It's weird.
I think although he had gotten really eccentric and weird, You can't deny how amazingly talented he is. I still really LOVE his music. I think it will be timeless. He really is the king of pop.
I think a little bit of my childhood died today. That's why I think I feel so sad. It's like I'm that young girl with a big crush again. (I had a big crush on him.)
I mean we all grew up with his music. It was and still is the best! And will never forget his signature moves. There will never be anyone as great as he was.
The T.V. and radio are all talking about it. They are playing his songs and videos. It brings back such memories. I loved being a kid:)
He is a ICON all over the world and he will be missed. His music and talent will be classic for along time. Like Elvis.
I wish he didn't have to get all wacko jacko in the end. It makes me feel sad for him. I really hope he didn't do what he was accused of with children. That makes me really mad.
At least will always have his music. He didn't seem to be very happy here on earth so maybe he can find peace now.
I'll always have the memories his music reminds me of.

Monday, June 22, 2009


We had a great day yesterday celebrating father's day.
Shaun is such an amazing Daddy! Max and I feel so lucky to have him! Thanks Shaun for being such a GREAT dad! We love you!!

Max with his presents for dad
(He's so excited about it)

Going to church

We went to Thom and Angie's for a Father's Day party!

Tim Maher, Dicky Maher, Thom Maher, and Shaun Maher

I also want to let my dad know How much I LOVE HIM!!! He is such a great dad and I'm so thankful for ALL he has done for me and continues to do for me!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Just so you know what a flip flop is

When I went into work the other day I found this note on my desk. It reads exactly as follows.


In footwear and fashion, flip-flops (also known as thongs) are a kind of flat, backless shoe that consist of a sole held on the foot by a u-shaped strap that passes between the first (big) and second toes and around either side of the foot. If it does not have 4 straps it's a flip flop.

Capri pants must cover the knee when standing or sitting.

See Steph with questions

I do have a question. Capri pants ARE supposed to be long enough to cover the knee. That's why it's called a Capri.

I'm so glad they gave us this DETAILED note. Otherwise I might not know what a flip-flop is. Can you feel the sarcasm oozing from this note? I'm so glad the bosses like to treat us all like morons. Although I'm sure some people I work with ARE morons.

Why is it that the few always ruin it for the rest of us? I'm sure a few people continue to wear flip-flops so we all get a lesson on flip-flops.

I really did find the note quite hilarious. I hope you were able to find this to be a learning experience. You now know what a flip-flop is.

Maybe next time they might go into a more detailed note about the thong. Both kinds of thongs. Butt floss anyone? But that would be considered sexual harassment and we would all have to watch the sexual harassment video again. You know the one they have you watch in training. No thanks!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

95th percentile

Here's Max, BIG and LONG

I took Max for his 2 month appointment. He is doing awesome! He's in the 95th percentile for height and weight! Way to go Max! He weighs 14 pounds 8 ounces and he's 25 inches long. The doctor said he is, "Evenly proportioned and very strong!" So I guess that means my baby can beat up your baby. (wink, wink)

The doctor asked me to hold his arms down so he could look in his ears. Max was not liking it and the doctor said Max was so strong he needed me to hold him down so he could safely look in his ears.

Dr. Jones checked everything out and Max is one healthy boy! We feel so blessed to have Max doing so well. I love big healthy boys!

He did NOT like the shots! He screamed while they gave them to him but after that he was fine. I was able to comfort him and he was perfectly normal the rest of the night. Whew!! I was so afraid he was going to have a lot of discomfort, But he was doing great!

Sometimes you need to get up and dance!

I had mentioned to Shaun that I would really love to have journeys greatest hits. So the other day Shaun went and got it for me. He told me he picked something up for me and then gave me the CD. What a sweetie! Thanks Love.

Last night I took the CD to work to listen to it. I love the song "separate ways (worlds apart)" I was loving it so much I really had to control myself not to jump up from my computer with my chair flying backward and just start dancing! I wanted to start moving myself down the rows of cubicles and desks rocking out and singing! I could even picture myself taking off the headphones of my co-workers and singing as loud as could in their ear, "Someday, Love will find you! Break those chains that bind you!"

My work is a "quite zone" So I had to keep my music to myself on my headphones. I had to be satisfied with pumping my foot under my desk with the music. It was hard! Sometimes you just need to get up and dance! I took the CD home with me and Max and I will be doing some dancing this morning while I move around the house cleaning! I've got to get these wiggles out!!

Here is the song for your listening pleasure

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Max's blessing

Maxwell Thomas Maher

We blessed Max on Sunday. It was a wonderful day! Max was so happy all morning. He was so smiley and fun. He was such a good little guy. It was like he knew it was his big day!

The blessing was at 11:30am over at the church. Shaun gave him a wonderful blessing. We had Max wrapped in the blue blanket my grandma Prescott made. It meant so much to me to have him blessed wrapped in that blanket. I cried through the whole blessing. Max was in a peaceful sleep through it all. He was so adorable.

Max continued to sleep through sacrament and the luncheon we had afterwards with family. Everything went so well and I had such a nice spiritual day. We only wish all of our family could be with us. We missed you! We love our Max. He is such a blessing to us.

All dressed up for the special occasion

I'm so happy!

I'm so excited! Look what I can do!

Feels so good to be wrapped in my great grandma's love.

Peacefully sleeping through the luncheon.

My heart is full!! I'm so thankful! We love you Max.

She works hard for the money

How do I feel about going back to work? Good and bad.

The good

*I only have to work 20 hours

*I was able to make my own schedule. Saturday for 10 hours, Wednesday and Thursday for 5 hours 1:30 to 6:30. Shaun has Max on Saturday and on Wednesday and Thursday Shaun can go into work early so he can get home early. There is an hour and a half by the time I leave for work and Shaun comes home, So our friend and neighbor Tori watches him for that hour and a half. Thanks Tori!

*When I'm at work he's with his dad. This is great time for Shaun and Max to bond together.

*We have insurance through my work until Shaun's work will let us sign up for insurance. (about a couple months)

*I get out

*It gives me a break? Work a break? In a way it does. It's something different.

*I got paid 70% of my pay while I was on maternity leave.

The bad

*I miss Max

*It's work

*I miss Max

*It brings out my road rage. Nothing brings out my road rage then stupid slow drivers when I'm trying to get to work on time. GET OUT OF THE FAST LANE!!!

*I miss Max

*It can be stressful

*I miss Max

The first day I went back to work I told Shaun to have his cell phone on him at ALL times. I also told him to call and leave me messages on my cell phone about what was going on. I would get these messages that said, "We just got back from the store, We're at Home Depot, We're on our way to Auto Zone, Max is fine." Good job Shaun, for giving me the play by play.

It's a great feeling to know everything was going just fine with Shaun and Max. But in a way, I was hoping everything was in complete chaos and I would come home and save the day! I wanted to be Super Mommy. But we all know things are not as good without mom:)