Thursday, June 25, 2009


Wow! I can't believe Michael Jackson died today. I also can't believe how sad I feel about it. It's weird.
I think although he had gotten really eccentric and weird, You can't deny how amazingly talented he is. I still really LOVE his music. I think it will be timeless. He really is the king of pop.
I think a little bit of my childhood died today. That's why I think I feel so sad. It's like I'm that young girl with a big crush again. (I had a big crush on him.)
I mean we all grew up with his music. It was and still is the best! And will never forget his signature moves. There will never be anyone as great as he was.
The T.V. and radio are all talking about it. They are playing his songs and videos. It brings back such memories. I loved being a kid:)
He is a ICON all over the world and he will be missed. His music and talent will be classic for along time. Like Elvis.
I wish he didn't have to get all wacko jacko in the end. It makes me feel sad for him. I really hope he didn't do what he was accused of with children. That makes me really mad.
At least will always have his music. He didn't seem to be very happy here on earth so maybe he can find peace now.
I'll always have the memories his music reminds me of.

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Drew & Katee said...

you did not give a shout out to michael.