Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Max's blessing

Maxwell Thomas Maher

We blessed Max on Sunday. It was a wonderful day! Max was so happy all morning. He was so smiley and fun. He was such a good little guy. It was like he knew it was his big day!

The blessing was at 11:30am over at the church. Shaun gave him a wonderful blessing. We had Max wrapped in the blue blanket my grandma Prescott made. It meant so much to me to have him blessed wrapped in that blanket. I cried through the whole blessing. Max was in a peaceful sleep through it all. He was so adorable.

Max continued to sleep through sacrament and the luncheon we had afterwards with family. Everything went so well and I had such a nice spiritual day. We only wish all of our family could be with us. We missed you! We love our Max. He is such a blessing to us.

All dressed up for the special occasion

I'm so happy!

I'm so excited! Look what I can do!

Feels so good to be wrapped in my great grandma's love.

Peacefully sleeping through the luncheon.

My heart is full!! I'm so thankful! We love you Max.


Sankat said...

I am glad it went so well! He looks so cute and happy...LOVE it!

Heather said...

What a doll. Love the bow tie.

Chance's Mom said...

What a cute baby! He looks so tiny in his outfit. You'll have to show him these pictures someday when he is a straping 6 feet tall and nearing 200 pounds.