Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sometimes you need to get up and dance!

I had mentioned to Shaun that I would really love to have journeys greatest hits. So the other day Shaun went and got it for me. He told me he picked something up for me and then gave me the CD. What a sweetie! Thanks Love.

Last night I took the CD to work to listen to it. I love the song "separate ways (worlds apart)" I was loving it so much I really had to control myself not to jump up from my computer with my chair flying backward and just start dancing! I wanted to start moving myself down the rows of cubicles and desks rocking out and singing! I could even picture myself taking off the headphones of my co-workers and singing as loud as could in their ear, "Someday, Love will find you! Break those chains that bind you!"

My work is a "quite zone" So I had to keep my music to myself on my headphones. I had to be satisfied with pumping my foot under my desk with the music. It was hard! Sometimes you just need to get up and dance! I took the CD home with me and Max and I will be doing some dancing this morning while I move around the house cleaning! I've got to get these wiggles out!!

Here is the song for your listening pleasure

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