Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I would say YES! All over again.

Me and my best friend being silly
Best Friend with benefits (Hee, Hee)

Feeling good with my best friend

7 Years ago today I was dating this "wicked awesome" New England boy named Shaun. We really loved each other and we knew we were heading for marriage.
It was New Year's Eve 2001 soon to be 2002.
We went over to my sister Taunya's house in Provo, UT for a fun New Year's Eve get together. As we were hanging out having a good time we put on the T.V. to watch the ball drop in times square NY. Because they are 2 hours ahead of us. We watched the ball drop and then we saw a guy proposing marriage to his girlfriend. I turned to Shaun laughing, "Why didn't you think of that?" He responded with, "That is way too cheesy! I would never do that."
Later that night we went to the Provo first night party on Main street.
It was a cold night and we decided to stop in at one of the shops to get some hot chocolate. I was happy to be out and feeling the fun. Shaun on the other hand was acting all weird. He seemed distant and LAME! I was actually getting really annoyed at how boring he was being. I was talking to him as we sipped our hot chocolate and he seemed to not be listening to me. He was just acting really strange.
It was time for the ball to drop. We went out into the crowd preparing to scream in the new year. Shaun asked me if we could go over to the side away from the crowd.
Now he is really being lame!
I agree with a little annoyance at his lack of participation.
We find a nice cozy spot under a big pine tree. Right before the ball drops it begins to snow. Shaun tells me to go and stand were we can see the ball behind me. He takes my picture, Then we count in the new year cheering.
Shaun proceeds to get down on one knee!! I begin laughing! Thinking he's being funny because I teased him about doing it earlier. He begins telling me all these wonderful things about myself and how he wants to be with me forever. meanwhile, I'm laughing looking around to see if anyone can see how ridiculous he is being.
When out from his pocket comes a beautiful ring!! My laughing turns to crying! As I stand there with the snow falling down looking at the best man in the world.
I say, "YES"
It all makes sense now. Why he was acting so weird! He was so nervous! We hugged and I could not have a bigger smile on my face!!
He then takes another picture of me with the ball behind dropped and you can see the big smile on my face with tears of joy!
So, New Year's always is really special to me. After 7 years of growing, learning, loving, even fighting or driving each other crazy. I would say, YES!! YES!! YES!!
I've got the best friend in the world out of this marriage!
I love you Shaun!
We always laugh about how he tried to play it cool even after I was joking with him about why he didn't think to ask me on New Year's. It was funny because my whole family knew and they were all just being quite when Shaun was playing it cool, Trying to pretend like he would never ask me in such a "cheesy" way.
We also have fun laughing at how annoyed I was getting at him that night for being so lame. (ha, ha) I was completely surprised!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Shaun and I get the BEST Christmas PRESENT! Our BABY BOY. What a wonderful GIFT.
This Christmas we get to CELEBRATE 2 babies that continue to bring us JOY.
I'm so GRATEFUL to celebrate the BIRTH of our SAVIOR. I know he has HELPED me through some tough times in getting the GIFT/MIRACLE of a BABY/PREGNANCY!!
I HOPE we can all have the real SPIRIT of Christmas with us always.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Belly time, Watch me grow

14 weeks

18 weeks

22 weeks 6 days

The green shirt I'm wearing is a maternity shirt! Looks like it's getting a little snug!
I feel that in the pictures it looks like I'm carrying him high, But I've been told I look like I'm carrying him low. I also feel like I'm carrying low. Maybe the way the pictures are shot makes it look different. Maybe a full body shot would show it a little better.
I love to watch my belly grow. I'm not sure I love how it feels. It's getting a little uncomfortable and I still have along ways to go!
I can't wait until I get to see my little guy and kiss his little forehead, nose, cheeks, and toes!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Under pressure!

I have to speak out! I cannot take this pressure anymore. I feel like I'm being squeezed more and more everyday.
Today was horrible. I was getting poked and prodded all day! This pressure is really getting to me. I'm getting kicked all around.
The bosses upstairs decided to take on this huge 9 or so month project that is becoming harder and harder every week. I hear it's only going to get worse.
The work is constantly coming in! I'm on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
I'm up working sometimes 4 times a night! This weight on my shoulders just keeps getting heavier and heavier.
I'm thinking of starting a union! I cannot work under these conditions.
If I wasn't tied to other things around me I might just walk out! Although I'm not sure I can fit through the door. And there is security guards, You know, "The Muscle" blocking me in. I do hear they might be weakening too.
Feeling outraged!


Ammie's Bladder

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Waddle, Waddle, Waddle

I think it's official. I'm starting to waddle! Last night I was cleaning the house and all the bending and moving got to be uncomfortable with my belly in the way and I found myself waddling.
When I woke up this morning, I still had the waddle. My growing uterus is getting heavier. I feel more pressure down low in my pelvis area.

My little baby boy is getting more comfortable!
I feel him moving a lot. Shaun has even been able to feel him move and we both have been able to see his kicks on my belly. we're fascinated every time.
I think I'm getting a pattern. He moves and kicks me here and there throughout the day but in the evening he really moves. When I'm relaxing on the couch or in bed reading. Is this a bad sign? As soon as I'm lying down relaxing, That's when he likes to really move and kick. I could be in trouble here.
I also don't get to sleep in. Every morning I'll have breakfast at 7:00am before going to work. I think my little buddy knows that's when I eat and he doesn't want that to change on the weekend. I'll wake up feeling starving but also tired. I try to convince myself that I should just go back to sleep. The little guy lets me know he wants to get up now. He starts moving and kicking.
I actually find it really funny! My whole life is going to change for this little guy.
I did get to sleep in today! Yay! So it's not all the time.

Hopefully I can keep my waddling down when I'm out in public, But I'm sure when I get really big I wont care at that moment. I'm huge and I'm waddling! What's the use at hiding anything, It's all out there in the open.

As for names, We haven't decided yet. We think we have the name and then it changes. For now we like Maxwell, And we'll call him MAX. We can't seem to really decide.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

IT'S A ............

***Let me just have a moment! Sorry about the crazy way the pictures and this post are!! Computers! Driving me crazy!! scan down to see the good part of this post, sorry about the crazy format. I have no idea why it's all in caps in certain places and the pictures are all over the place. But I want to get this all posted. So here it is, crazy format and all***


It's a boy!! We had our ultrasound yesterday and I LOVED it! To see that precious little baby! It was so cute! Everything looked really good! It was so good to see all his little parts were functioning the way they should. They recorded the whole Ultrasound so we have a DVD of the whole thing. AMAZING!! I could watch it over and over again. His little heart, face, arms, legs, diaphragm, kidneys, lungs, and of course, His little "goods" and much more. We got to see it all! They also showed the blood flowing from the heart, kidneys, and the umbilical cord. So cool!! Too precious for words!
We had our families over last night for the "Unveiling" we had ice cream and cookies and watched the DVD. We had fun talking and joking about names. Families are so wonderful!



Monday, November 24, 2008

My 3 loves, Shaun, Baby, and Josh Groban

Great Monday? I know Monday's usually stink! The going back to work after the weekend. Yuck! But this Monday was different. When I got into my car their was a beautiful note from Shaun on the steering wheel. (I think someone read my earlier blog joking about, Do guys even know what romance is?, So good job Shaun! Loved the note)

They say you should listen to some good music while you're pregnant. What could be better then Josh Groban? I LOVE his music! It is so beautiful! Even when he sings in another language and I have no idea what he's singing about, the music just moves me. So all the way to work and home I listen to Josh Groban. My favorite is his CD closer. I think everyone needs some soothing Josh Groban to make you feel good. Love it, Love it, Love it!

By the end of the work day I was getting a little tired and not liking Monday or work in general. But, On my way home I had the up lift of Shaun's beautiful note, The miracle and beauty of being pregnant, And beautiful music from Josh Groban.
So, Shaun to go home to, Baby to sing to (not sure that's a plus for baby), and Josh Groban's amazingly soothing music. ***sigh*** I'm good!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Another week!!

I got a call from my doctor's office on Thursday telling me that the lady they had me set up with to do my Ultrasound/Anatomy scan was not contracted with my insurance.
They said they could get me in with the people down stairs from their office and it should be no problem getting me in the same day that I had. November 24, As in THIS Monday.

I called to set everything up at the new place. Things took a turn for the worst! They could not get me in until December 1st!! What??? I have been so excited to FINALLY find out what we're having! Now I have to wait ANOTHER week!
I know a week really is not that long. But this anticipation is killing me. I guess I'll learn to be patient. (Not my best quality)
The good thing is I'll be 21 weeks along and they should REALLY be able to get it right. And maybe, Get a better look at the babies development.

The mystery goes on.

twilight madness

Is everyone taking crazy pills? Am I missing something? I feel like everyone has been invited to the party but me.
Here's my problem.........Are you ready for this..........I don't like the twilight series! Or just the first book because that's all I could stomach! I just don't get it! I love to read, I have always been a big reader. But I thought the book was poorly written and WAY to cheesy! I barely could suffer through the never ending talk about how gorgeous edward was...blah! blah! blah! I'm sorry to say, But I found so many things about the book that were............stupid!

Just look at the book cover. Don't you remember the story of Snow White that was also offered a nice red apple? We all know what happened to her!! Don't take it!!

I'm stuck in the "Twilight zone" do-do, do-do, do-do, do-do, HELP!!
My sister Angie is the only person I know who thinks the same way I do. Everyone else goes on and on about how great it is! AAAHHHHHH!!
I'm happy for those that love the books because you have plenty of people to talk with about it, But I'm stuck feeling lossed. I don't get it!!

I can't wait for this madness to end! There's still 3 more movies to go. I hope I can make it through all this with as little throw-up as possible!!

Here are some things I've been told because I don't like it:

1. Are you even a girl? (Great! Now what do I do? I don't want to be a boy!!)

2. You must have a great romantic relationship and you don't need romance (Ha, Ha, Ha, Ya right, Oh Puke!! I love my Shaun but he could always be better in the romance department, in fact, do guys really know what romance is?)

3. I'm just NOT a romantic (Which in truth, I really am. But this is not my idea of romance)

Tell me what you love so much about Twilight!! Please help!! I'll try to keep the barf bag close by, Just in case.

*****Warning, The views of this blog post are of the blogger only. Please do not take offense if you love Twilight. That's great if you do******

Friday, November 14, 2008

18 weeks 5 days

It's time to see my belly grow!! Here I am 18 weeks and 5 days

Shaun said I should go get on the shirt I had on before so we could really see the growth. Here I am in the same shirt I had on last time
It's so fun to compare these pictures. So every 4 weeks I will take a picture. Here is me back at 14 weeks. I love to see the growth!!

I had my appointment today with Doctor Damore. Everything looked really good. I've gained 4 more pounds so I'm now up to 7 pounds. My blood pressure and urine looked good.
My favorite part, The heart beat, Was really funny because the baby kept wiggling around. She would find the heart beat and then it was gone. She would move it around and we would pick the beat up again and then it was gone. She said the baby was just wiggling around. (hee, hee)

I have to admit that I have become a little obsessed with my growing belly. I just love it!! I find myself looking at it in the mirror constantly. I've been caught many times at work in the bathroom rubbing and admiring my belly in the mirror. I just love it!!
The whole miracle of pregnancy is amazing. I feel blessed everyday. It's funny how you can love the baby so much already!! No matter if I feel tired, uncomfortable, growing pains in my belly, or any discomfort from pregnancy I still just absolutely love that little baby.
I feel honored to be their mom!! And thank Heavenly Father everyday for this miracle.
I love you baby!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Shaun loves his Dew

Great!! Now the dog has picked up on Shaun's bad habit!
Don't do the Dew!


It was my turn for Bunko on Tuesday. Bunko is a fun game where you have 12 people in your group. We always have it on the 3rd Tuesday of each month, with a few exceptions for the holiday months like Thanksgiving and Christmas where we have it on the 2nd Tuesday. Once a year you have it at your house. November was my turn. You serve dinner and you get the prizes. We play a fun dice game and depending on how you do you get different prizes. Everyone goes home with something. It's really just fun to get together.
Here is some fun pictures of the night. Thanks to my bunko girls for another fun night!!

The prize table
I loved these baskets

The yummy salad bar. Which I have to admit was delicious!
We had all sorts of goods to build our salad's and yummy fruit
The group enjoying each other and dinner

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thank you!!

It's veterans Day today and I want to personally send out my thanks and appreciation for all those that have fought and have died for this grand nation, The United States Of America!! That I have the honor to live in.

I love to hang my beautiful flag out in front of my house. It gives me great joy!! To see that flag held high. The red, white, and blue means so much to me!!

Thanks to all for defending my freedom!! I love you!!! Thank you!

Representing the red white and blue
The colors of our flag stand out proud and true.
The white stars on blue background with red and white stripes
Remind me of these veterans, who all risked their lives.
Just so the people of the U.S. could all live in peace and be free
These are the heroes that represent you and me.
They stood up strongly, untied as one,
And kept up the fighting until they were done.
And although some have fallen, and lost their lives in war,
We pray for each one of them.
And now that their souls live on forever more,
Above in God's hands.
They watch over our nation,
And give us strength to triumph over others with strong anticipation.
So every year, when this day comes by,
Think of all the veterans that while fighting, had to die.
And remember that they were people
With fire and passion embedded inside.
They die for this country,
So remember and honor them with pride

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The election is over!

I'm so glad the election is over. I listen to a lot of talk radio and have watched this whole thing go down for what feels like forever! I'm sick of it!
Even if the outcome is not the way I would have liked it to go. I think as an American you do have to be proud that history was made and how far our great country has come.
The worst part is that we have a Democrat/liberal president with Harry Reed leading the senate and Nancy pelosi leading the house!! AAAHHHH! I thought Halloween was over. That is truly frighting!
but, because Thanksgiving is coming up I'm going to look to the future and hope for the best! I'm hoping Obama will not be as liberal as he has been and will come to the middle and really try to work things out that will be best for this great country.
I love this country! I feel so blessed to have the freedom's that I enjoy daily. I'm glad that my baby gets to be born in this wonderful nation! So I will pray for the best and hope that the ones in Washington will do the best for those they work for, "We the people." I think they have forgotten that.

God Bless America!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween fun

We went over to my sister Tara's for Halloween. They had a Haunted House set up in the garage. So much fun! We went Trick or Treating in the wonderful arizona weather. A lot of people sit outside in front of their house to give out candy. My parents were here visiting and they really enjoyed the nice weather. We were happy to have them here! I always enjoy halloween.

Friday, October 31, 2008

I don't care who you are, This is funny!

Happy Halloween!!
Even dogs want to have fun
Their owner's like to have fun and laugh hysterically!

super dog! He even has super powered eyes
that you can see in the picture
Then we have Bat dog!

I love after Halloween sales! You can even get dog outfits for cheap.
It just makes me laugh.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

was that the baby?!! 16 weeks 3 days

I felt the baby today!!! What a cool sensation. I was sitting at my desk at work typing, when I felt a flutter on the right side of my belly. I froze and felt this crazy slight sensation flutter across my belly!! I freaked out!! I didn't expect to feel the baby already! I hurried and wrote down the time. 10:32am.
I then ran to the phone and called to tell Shaun.

At 10:57am I felt a kick!! It was on the right side just below my belly button. I read that it feels like popcorn popping, and that's what it felt like. Just a little soft pop!

I didn't feel anything for the rest of the day, Even with my heighten senses, Just waiting to feel something again.
Oh! How I want to feel the baby again!! I'm sure as it grows I'll want the baby to stop kicking, But for now, I want all the kicking I can get!! Let's get this baby moving! What an amazing feeling!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Our first belly kiss

Shaun came up to me to give me a full frontal hug. As I went to hug him back and nestle my head on his chest. We had a BUMP.....Our bellies bumped together and it was such a funny feeling. We both started laughing. Our bellies just bounced off each other. Our first belly kiss! And our babies first bumper car ride.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

14 weeks and 4 days

Wow! Pregnant lady! I put on my maternity pants so you could really get a good shot of my belly and I was surprised! I didn't realize just how pregnant I looked until I saw these pictures.
This picture has my shirt down

OH YEAH!! We have a belly! I was moving my hair out of my face when Shaun snapped this shot. I really have a belly in this picture. My growing little baby!
I went to my appointment today with Dr. Damore. We went over my blood test and I'm just a little anemic. So I will start taking iron pills. I hope it doesn't make me constipated!! I've been clear of that issue so far.
Everything else looked good. I only gained 3 pounds, Which after seeing these pictures seems like it should be more. Does pictures add 10 pounds? (hee, hee)
now for the best part of my appointment........The baby's heartbeat. Right when Dr. Damore put the Doppler on my belly you could hear it right away. Shaun and I just love that sound. It makes it so real. We're truly fascinated. Are eyes grow big and we just look at each other smiling. Then I find Shaun always puts his hand on my shoulder or arm. It really draws you together.
I have my next appointment November 14th. Then November 24th we get to find out the sex. Yippee!! I want to start buying this baby some cute stuff.
Right now in my pregnancy my biggest complaint is food! I hate food!! I'm always starving, even though I eat and snack all day long!! Nothing seems to really taste that good. Sometimes I'll be surprised and really enjoy something.
The only thing that seems to really taste the best is fruit. lately, It has been red apples and pineapple.
Now I need an apple, or pineapple, Just something!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

I love Halloween!!

Tonight I'm dragging out the Halloween decorations and I'm going to have myself a ball. I love Halloween. I've got grim reapers, ghost, bats, pumpkins, You get the idea. All the fun spooky stuff a girl could want. Well, I take that back, I could always use more fun decorations. Last year I was smart and hit the after Halloween sales. I got lots of great deals.
I love that the weather starts to cool down, Which is very nice when you live in Arizona. The weather is perfect! And I realize this is why I live here.
I love this time of year because it kicks off with Halloween, Then Thanksgiving, and for the grand finale.......Christmas!!
I hope you all have a fantastically spooky Halloween!! Filled with all the horror you can stand, and NEVER run out of candy.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Who wants to grow up?

I like to play hide and seek with my dogs. I'll chase them down the hall trying to tickle them on their backs and grabbing at their tails. While there running down the hall, I'll switch back and run through the kitchen into the bathroom and hide in the shower. I then start to let out a little whistle.

Pound, Pound, Pound, Here come my dogs down the hall, slipping and scratching on the kitchen tile floor as they try to run as fast as they can slipping the whole way. At this point I stay really quite. They run into the bathroom and out the other end into the quest bedroom.

I peek at them out of the shower curtain. They have stopped with their body stiff, Tails sticking straight out, Their ears perked up waiting for me to whistle again.
Then I let out a little whistle and two little snouts come poking themselves into the shower. I then yell and they prance up and down, I pet them and scratch them behind the ear and say, Good boy!! You found me. I then do it all over again and find a new place to hide.

Sometimes they don't fall for my tricks and they catch me before I can hide and I yell out giggling and laughing as their tails are whiping with excitement, and their front paws dance up and down, Tongue's hanging out of their mouths. I was playing this little game the other morning, Laughing and giggling, yelling and screeching as they chase me around the house, When my neighbor knocked on my door.
I answered the door a little out of breath, "Sorry, Just playing with my dogs!" He laughs and says, "Some people never grow up."
If that could only be true!!

12 weeks!! Almost through the first trimester!

I'm 12 weeks today!! It's getting easier to breath every week. I still hear horror stories about people miscarrying at 12 and 13 weeks, But I'm feeling better about the whole thing. I think this baby is here to stay. (This is me trying to tell myself not to worry, But then I worry that I just jinxed myself. How do I even live with myself with all this worry?)
I'm almost through my first trimester!! Yippee!! A lot of people have been asking me if I'm "high risk" because of in-vitro. I'm happy to say, NO!! I should be just fine.
I still don't look pregnant. I can wear some of my old clothes, but I got a couple of maternity pants that I have to continue to pull up all through the day. They tend to be awkwardly baggy. I have some clothes a size bigger and they are a lot more comfortable.
I still feel good. I find I'm really picky about food. I'll be starving but nothing sounds good. My back gets stiff and sore. I think the baby is more in my back then my belly.
All and all, I feel good!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

10 weeks 5 days and feeling good

I went to my first appointment with my new ob/gyn yesterday. Shaun and I both liked Dr. Damore. She's very friendly and personable. We talked in her office. Asked guestions. Got a run down of what to expect, and got a bag of free stuff. Yea! For free stuff.

I'm really going through ultrasound withdrawal. I love to be able to see and REALLY hear the heart beat. Dr. Damore did the Doppler to hear the heart beat, She was moving it all around my belly and we couldn't hear a heart beat. Mean while, I'm holding my breath. She told us before that we might not hear it with the Doppler, But that doesn't work with a nervous mother like me.
Finally, We picked up the heart beat!! Music to my ears. I really needed that comfort. I can't wait until I'm through this 1st trimester and I don't have to worry so much. I'm sure the worry never ends, But a little ease is good. Shaun joked that we wouldn't be leaving until we heard a heart beat because he knew I would probably be impossible to live with otherwise.

I've been feeling really good!! I never get sick anymore. Sometimes I feel nothing at all. That's why I need to hear the heart beat to make sure everything is going well. Make sure I still have a baby in my belly.

Tonight, Shaun and I are doing movie night. He went to get us Cafe Rio and a movie. I love to snuggle up and watch a movie. It's a great way to end the work week. RELAXING!!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Help, All my blogger friends

I was trying to add a new blog to my blog list and it wouldn't let me. So I pushed the cancel button and it erased my whole blog list!!
I love reading every one's blog. Could you please leave me a comment with your blog address. I would hate to loose them.
Thank you!
Keep on blogging!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

9 weeks and I got to see my baby move!

I went to my last appointment with the fertility center today. I will miss them. They have been really great to Shaun and I. They have baby pictures lining the hallways and I told them to save a place for my little baby. I'll keep them posted with how I'm doing.

I got to see my baby move!! The ultrasound was so amazing! The baby has grown so much! It's really in the little bean stage. My little Jelly bean. I got to see and hear the heart beat. My own heart just swelled with happiness. My little baby was moving around, so cute!! I forgot all about the nausea and fatigue and I felt like the luckiest women in the world. It just blows my mind to see the baby moving and it's little heart beating.

My fatigue and tiredness has gotten better. Thank goodness!! It was getting a little ridiculous. My baby is growing so fast it's no wonder that the first trimester can be so hard on you. I'm starting to have some "normal" days mixed in with the not so good days. That's been nice.

I have my first appointment with my obgyn (Dr. Damore) who my sister-in-law, Kelley, referred me to. Thanks Kel!

My due date was changed today from April 11th to April 9th. Will see what Dr. Damore has to tell me when I see her on sept. 18.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Shaun!!!

Today Shaun turned 31! What can I say about Shaun.....
He sometimes looks and has the same mannerisms as Ben Stiller. When I watch Ben Stiller's movies I laugh even harder because he reminds me of Shaun. Shaun is often told he looks like Andy from the office, and he does.
In the picture above we're in Mexico and he started doing a Tom Cruise impression and I died laughing. I don't think everyone else thought it was as funny as me, but what can I say, Shaun makes me laugh.
Shaun is funny!!
Shaun loves Buffalo wings and mountain dew. If he could live on those two alone, He would.
Shaun loves books, Not just any books, but church doctorine books. He reads and truly ponders the books with scriptures. Most people know Shaun is extremely insightful. He could read for hours and hours. I love his desire to learn and fill his spirit. I tease him that his spirit is so much older than mine. So guess what Shaun got for his birthday.......books!! Just like he gets with any other occasion which requires a gift. That is all he every wants. You need help or insight, You talk with Shaun.

Shaun is a chatterbox, but also, a great listener. He can be at any party and have a conversation with anyone. The funny thing about that is, He really just likes to stay home and watch a movie or guess what?! He is a home body, but he's also extremely friendly and easy talk to.

Shaun is an animal lover, Which contests to his sweet side. He's compassionate and cares about others. Shaun has the best ability to help you see the best in yourself. He's elevating and really helps you see and believe in yourself and your own personal talents.

If Shaun could go anywhere in the world he would go to Israel. He has a real affection for the Jewish people and loves to study their history. If he could go back to school he would get a PhD in religious studies. He even wants to send are kids to Hebrew school. We'll see how that goes. Someday I would love for him to go back and study his dreams.

Shaun is caring and thoughtful, When anything bad happens, I'm feeling sad, or just having a bad day, He is the first person I want to call or be with. he really knows how to take care of me. I can be myself and he loves me just the way I am. That's important, because just like the quote:
"A friend is someone who knows all about you and loves you anyway"
That is Shaun! He is so non-judgemental and he is the best friend this girl could ever want.

Well, That is a little bit of Shaun at 31. I could go on and on. He is amazing!! I love him and think the world of him!! Thanks Shaun!! Happy Birthday!!!!