Monday, November 24, 2008

My 3 loves, Shaun, Baby, and Josh Groban

Great Monday? I know Monday's usually stink! The going back to work after the weekend. Yuck! But this Monday was different. When I got into my car their was a beautiful note from Shaun on the steering wheel. (I think someone read my earlier blog joking about, Do guys even know what romance is?, So good job Shaun! Loved the note)

They say you should listen to some good music while you're pregnant. What could be better then Josh Groban? I LOVE his music! It is so beautiful! Even when he sings in another language and I have no idea what he's singing about, the music just moves me. So all the way to work and home I listen to Josh Groban. My favorite is his CD closer. I think everyone needs some soothing Josh Groban to make you feel good. Love it, Love it, Love it!

By the end of the work day I was getting a little tired and not liking Monday or work in general. But, On my way home I had the up lift of Shaun's beautiful note, The miracle and beauty of being pregnant, And beautiful music from Josh Groban.
So, Shaun to go home to, Baby to sing to (not sure that's a plus for baby), and Josh Groban's amazingly soothing music. ***sigh*** I'm good!

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tiffy girl said...

you are the best! I haven't been checking everyone's blog's lately....but I had to laugh at your Twilight post! You are so funny, I did read the books, after much probing from my sis in law, and I did like them. We went to the midnight showing and the movie was ok, (they never are as good as the book) I am so excited to hear what you find out next week. Do you have any feelings as to pink or blue? Hang in there, the week will go by fast! Oh and try a little Brandie Carlisle (love her) the baby will love her too:)