Saturday, November 22, 2008

Another week!!

I got a call from my doctor's office on Thursday telling me that the lady they had me set up with to do my Ultrasound/Anatomy scan was not contracted with my insurance.
They said they could get me in with the people down stairs from their office and it should be no problem getting me in the same day that I had. November 24, As in THIS Monday.

I called to set everything up at the new place. Things took a turn for the worst! They could not get me in until December 1st!! What??? I have been so excited to FINALLY find out what we're having! Now I have to wait ANOTHER week!
I know a week really is not that long. But this anticipation is killing me. I guess I'll learn to be patient. (Not my best quality)
The good thing is I'll be 21 weeks along and they should REALLY be able to get it right. And maybe, Get a better look at the babies development.

The mystery goes on.


Megan said...

Soon enough, soon enough... That's the hardest part for me... waiting to find out what we're having. It's just so exciting!

Heather said...

I would be so impatient too!! So excited to hear!

Sankat said...

eek that would totally stink to have to wait a week longer!! Do you have names picked out for both boys and girls?

Kapri said...

that stinks...sorry :( thanks again for bunko!

EmileeandJonny said...

I had my first at 20 weeks and we got some great pictures- you will love it! I know it's hard to wait!

Missy said...

Hey Ammie, It's me Missy! Congratulations! I am so happy for you and Shaun! You guys look great, and you are so beautiful as your "baby belly" grows!
Hey, I am with you about the twilite books, had to go watch the movie with Katie and Ashley, and I was like, "got a bucket anyone, I think I might be sick" Glad to know there are others out there that are with us! Take Care and have a great Thanksgiving!