Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thank you!!

It's veterans Day today and I want to personally send out my thanks and appreciation for all those that have fought and have died for this grand nation, The United States Of America!! That I have the honor to live in.

I love to hang my beautiful flag out in front of my house. It gives me great joy!! To see that flag held high. The red, white, and blue means so much to me!!

Thanks to all for defending my freedom!! I love you!!! Thank you!

Representing the red white and blue
The colors of our flag stand out proud and true.
The white stars on blue background with red and white stripes
Remind me of these veterans, who all risked their lives.
Just so the people of the U.S. could all live in peace and be free
These are the heroes that represent you and me.
They stood up strongly, untied as one,
And kept up the fighting until they were done.
And although some have fallen, and lost their lives in war,
We pray for each one of them.
And now that their souls live on forever more,
Above in God's hands.
They watch over our nation,
And give us strength to triumph over others with strong anticipation.
So every year, when this day comes by,
Think of all the veterans that while fighting, had to die.
And remember that they were people
With fire and passion embedded inside.
They die for this country,
So remember and honor them with pride

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