Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I would say YES! All over again.

Me and my best friend being silly
Best Friend with benefits (Hee, Hee)

Feeling good with my best friend

7 Years ago today I was dating this "wicked awesome" New England boy named Shaun. We really loved each other and we knew we were heading for marriage.
It was New Year's Eve 2001 soon to be 2002.
We went over to my sister Taunya's house in Provo, UT for a fun New Year's Eve get together. As we were hanging out having a good time we put on the T.V. to watch the ball drop in times square NY. Because they are 2 hours ahead of us. We watched the ball drop and then we saw a guy proposing marriage to his girlfriend. I turned to Shaun laughing, "Why didn't you think of that?" He responded with, "That is way too cheesy! I would never do that."
Later that night we went to the Provo first night party on Main street.
It was a cold night and we decided to stop in at one of the shops to get some hot chocolate. I was happy to be out and feeling the fun. Shaun on the other hand was acting all weird. He seemed distant and LAME! I was actually getting really annoyed at how boring he was being. I was talking to him as we sipped our hot chocolate and he seemed to not be listening to me. He was just acting really strange.
It was time for the ball to drop. We went out into the crowd preparing to scream in the new year. Shaun asked me if we could go over to the side away from the crowd.
Now he is really being lame!
I agree with a little annoyance at his lack of participation.
We find a nice cozy spot under a big pine tree. Right before the ball drops it begins to snow. Shaun tells me to go and stand were we can see the ball behind me. He takes my picture, Then we count in the new year cheering.
Shaun proceeds to get down on one knee!! I begin laughing! Thinking he's being funny because I teased him about doing it earlier. He begins telling me all these wonderful things about myself and how he wants to be with me forever. meanwhile, I'm laughing looking around to see if anyone can see how ridiculous he is being.
When out from his pocket comes a beautiful ring!! My laughing turns to crying! As I stand there with the snow falling down looking at the best man in the world.
I say, "YES"
It all makes sense now. Why he was acting so weird! He was so nervous! We hugged and I could not have a bigger smile on my face!!
He then takes another picture of me with the ball behind dropped and you can see the big smile on my face with tears of joy!
So, New Year's always is really special to me. After 7 years of growing, learning, loving, even fighting or driving each other crazy. I would say, YES!! YES!! YES!!
I've got the best friend in the world out of this marriage!
I love you Shaun!
We always laugh about how he tried to play it cool even after I was joking with him about why he didn't think to ask me on New Year's. It was funny because my whole family knew and they were all just being quite when Shaun was playing it cool, Trying to pretend like he would never ask me in such a "cheesy" way.
We also have fun laughing at how annoyed I was getting at him that night for being so lame. (ha, ha) I was completely surprised!


Sankat said...

That is so cute! I hope you guys have a great night!!

Megan said...

What a cute story!

Chelle! said...

You are absolutely adorable!!

Amy Marie said...

So you can't tell a story like that without showing "THE PICTURE" of you! Share share : )

shaunandammie said...


I wanted to leave the pictures but I don't know where they are!! Terrible I know! They were good ones! I hope I find them in a box somewhere!