Saturday, January 3, 2009

The pregnancy honeymoon may be over

The pregnancy "honeymoon" may be over. (ha, ha) Let me run it down like this:

Feeling huge! Not just in belly, But everywhere.
Feeling like I want to punch those that say, "You've REALLY popped, How far along are you?" I give my answer, Then they respond with, "Looks like he's going to be a big boy!"
"You're looking big, I have a feeling your going to get really big."
Hello people!! It's called being pregnant!
Feeling scared that I'm going to have an enormous baby to squeeze out. Ouch!
Get leg cramps or have sore legs
Having pinching pain in belly button
Get nauseous from pinching pain in belly button
Get lightheaded, dizzy, From pinching in belly
Get worried, stress about pinching in belly and side effects
Feel lousy
Worry that pinching means there is something wrong with baby
Baby has started to move A LOT!! And I mean, A LOT!
Could something be a matter!
Told to call doctor
doctor out for New Years
Call Emergency on call person
Doctor calls back
Doctor informs me that this is common, The ligament behind belly button is being pulled
Doctor informs me that it does not hurt baby
Doctor informs me that it's just really painful and uncomfortable for me. Great!
Doctor tells me to lie down! (Oh, Thanks! Because I have nothing else to do but lie down!)
Feel stupid for calling
Happy that everything is Ok with baby
Feel depressed that I just have to deal with it. I love to feel nauseous, dizzy, numb from pinched ligament right around all those sensitive nerves of the belly. Annoying!
Feel emotional
Feel guilty for not being happier about being pregnant
Still have to pee a lot
Bladder being uncomfortable
Feel exhausted
Feel too tired to get all the things done I need to get done
Being kicked by baby 24/7
Happy that baby is so active

Not happy baby is so active (The ligament problem)
Feeling anxiety that I still have a long ways to go and many more uncomfortable things to deal with.
Stress and worry about everything I eat and drink
Thinking and pondering about how to be the best mom
Feel like I'm being a bad mom for complaining about pregnancy being a pain.

What I'm really trying to say here is:

Give a pregnant lady a hug (depending on mood, She might just punch you for getting too close)

Tell her she looks beautiful

Never comment on her size (Everyone grows differently)

Tell her it's OK to have bad days

But for the most part I'm really having a good pregnancy:) It's always good to vent!


Sankat said...

It's ok to have bad days....weeks...months...and year!!! Preg. sucks, but the result is so wonderful. That is what we really want. I am sorry you are having such a horrible time...I TOTALLY understand!!
One of my guilty pleasures when I am 30+ weeks preg. is to use the electric wheelchairs in the stores. I didn't use them until I had sciatic nearve problems with Rachel, but it is soo fun and helps sooo much! You can shop for a lot longer, even if it is just window shopping, without having to get worn out from walking.
Oh, and I have called the Dr. for many silly things before...just wait until it is time to go into labor ;)

trishafofisha said...

Oh you poor thing! This took me back to when I was pregnant only you missed the ever so famous comment "she is eating for two" - kill me. That one made me want to punch someone. Hang in there Ames.

PS. My biggest baby (9 lbs 6 oz) was the easiest labor and birth. So chin up - the biggest doesn't always mean the hardest. :)

EmileeandJonny said...

yes, pregnancy is not fun! I never enjoyed it too much- I was so swollen the whole time!

Kelley M. said...

Ammie, Great story with the proposal! The truth is that when you didn't feel as though he was listening while you were walking, he really wasn't listening to you. I bet he had his earphones in his ears and his disc man in his pocket listening to the discourses of the relevance of the mosaic law and and the abrahamic covenant and how they pertain to marriage!! He was pondering that while walking and thinking of how to ask you!!