Saturday, January 31, 2009

Where's Shaun??

(shaun after he was found)

I woke up this morning about 7:40am. I start to walk around the house wondering where Shaun is. I call his name, no answer. I look in his office, Not there. I look in the back yard, Not there. I then get a smile on my face thinking he must have went to get me an Einstein bagel. I love their bagels! Plain with Strawberry whipped cream:) Shaun has been going and getting them for me, especially on Saturday mornings.

I go to see if the car is gone. No! the car is still here. Where is Shaun?? He didn't tell me he was going anywhere. I don't see a note anywhere. Where is he?? Maybe a neighbor called for his help. I check the caller id and find no calls where made this morning. I call his cell phone and get no answer. I figure he'll be back soon.

An hour and a half later there is still no sign of Shaun. Where is he?? I start to get annoyed.

Why would he not tell me where he was going? Why not just leave me a note? I thought we had plans to do a lot of things together today. I want to start painting Max's room.

I start getting really annoyed. I mean, can't he even leave me a note! I realize that he probably didn't want to wake me. Let a pregnant lady sleep! Like the saying, "Let lying dogs lie." Is that even the saying? Anyways, You get my point.

A note does not wake anyone up! Why can't he just leave a nice little note. Notes don't wake people up unless you go to school at Hogwarts and your mom sends you a haller! That could wake you up.

After another 45 minutes I finally hear the door slam. "Where have you been??" I say annoyed.

He was at the temple!! How do I get mad at a guy who decides he should go to the temple and do a session!! I do explain that a note would be helpful next time. I also explain that I now must have an Einstein bagel.
In the end, I have a great husband who just needs to learn to leave notes and I got my Einstein Bagel! Thanks love!

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