Saturday, January 10, 2009

Growing, Growing, Growing

Time to see my belly grow, And it is growing! I had the pleasure this week of a lady telling me, "Isn't this your first baby? Most women don't get that big their first baby" Then she informs me that she never got that big.
Thanks for making an already emotional pregnant women feel like crap! What is wrong with these people? They have me feeling like the circus is coming to pick me up anytime because apparently I'm so freakishly big!
I get it! I have a baby growing in my belly! It's big! No need to let me know just how big you think it is or should be. Keep growing little Max. I'll be big for you!

Shaun and I went to do a baby registry today at Babies'R'us. That was overwhelming and fun! We had fun looking at all the cute stuff! I can't wait for Max to come. I'm feeling some intense "nesting" and want everything to be perfect for him. I have so much organizing I need to do. I have dreams of him coming and I'm not prepared or ready. I need to get everything done. I tend to stress until everything is perfect! I can't seem to find the time or energy to get all the things done I want to get done.
My wonderful sister in-laws Kelley and Angie are throwing me a baby shower February. 7th. I really appreciate them taking care of me. Thanks Kel and Ang:)

14 weeks
18 weeks

22 weeks

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Sankat said...

Those people don't know what they are talking about! You aren't huge!!! (just you wait ;)...hehe, j/k).
Registering is SOOO much fun!!! I go and register with every baby, even though I don't have showers, just because it is so much fun!!!

EmileeandJonny said...

uh seriously?! JERKS!!! I remember all the nasty comments I got too! I remember not even wanting to go to church the last few weeks I was pregnant cause I was tired of hearing them- and you are SO not huge, I've seen MUCH MUCH worse!!! I gained 40 pounds with Jarom, I'm sure you're not even CLOSE to that yet! People just need to keep their mouths SHUT! I think you look cute!

Megan said...

Let me say it straight up- People are stupid! Don't listen to them. You look great! And hello! you're growing a baby in there! Hang in there girl.

T and T Brunson said...

You are beautiful and don't let anyone tell you different!! If you need help getting things ready all you have to do is call or come across the street:)

Kelley M. said...

Amm - you need to remember next time someone belts out one of these beauties - ask them "did you just say that out loud?" what the CRAP is wrong with people??!?!?! UNREAL. It's really have to laugh or else we'll be reading about a cute blonde preggers that punched some ladies lights out. Hang in there...we love you and "HUGE" Max :) xoxoxo

Heather said...

Ammie- you know how it is. People say the most stupid things. You look adorable. Everyone grows differently too. I know my sister grew quickly and was "big" quick and then really slowed down. (with the first baby)

SherBear said...

Ammie, I found your blog. So cute. I loved reading about your pregnancy, your love for Shaun, all of it. Adorable!
Hang in there!

Chelle! said...

You absolutely look adorable. People do say the most dumbest things. I think you look great!!!