Monday, January 5, 2009

Pregnancy plus

I'm having a good day today and feeling good. So today I want to write about some of the positives to my pregnancy. My previous post had some of the bad so here is the good.

1. I get a baby out of all this!!
2. At least I'm not an elephant who is pregnant for 22 months!! And the baby weighs about 250 pounds!
3. I looked up pictures on the Internet of other pregnant women who are as far along as me and found that I look perfectly normal!
4. I can appreciate bending more
5. I've had no constipation (gross, I know, Sorry)
6. I've had no breast tenderness or soreness
7. I was done with "morning sickness" or "all day sickness" after 10 weeks.
8. I don't have any stretch marks. (Yet)
9. Sometimes I get special treatment for being pregnant
10. Shaun thinks I look beautiful and tells me so.
11. Shaun spoils me:)
12. I went through a lot just to get pregnant. I can handle a little more discomfort to get my little Maxwell Thomas Maher (That will be his name) We'll call him Max:):):)

Here's to you, Maxwell Thomas Maher! Mommy and Daddy love you!! Even if pregnancy sometimes stinks!


Megan said...

I love his name! Hang in there, Ames. The best is yet to come!

EmileeandJonny said...

yeah there are some goods to being pregnant. Be careful about being excited about no stretch marks though- I was too, then a week after I gave birth I got a few around my belly button, now I have some on my chest from breastfeeding... wonderful!

Chelle! said...

Oh, I love the name that you have chosen. YEAH!! He soon will be here and it will be worth all of it.